AMC Star Sighting : Sabine Singh Cuts Her Hair


Oh My Gosh, look how pretty Sabine Singh(ex-Greenlee) is with her new hairstyle at the Conde Nast Traveler 8th Annual Hot List Party. Pretty cute huh? I love her red and white ensemble. I want her cute little white clutch :). Sabine Singh is rocking the long necklace accessories huh? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen her wear long necklace.

More pictures of Sabine Singh after the fold…



*All Images used W/ Permission. Zuma Keystone World / Newscom

I really wish All My Children would find a way to bring her back. Maybe Greenlee Smythe has a long lost sister out there. Jack had twins and Greenlee’s Mom put them both up for adoption. That would be a good storyline. Maybe it would knock a couple of self-centeredness out of Greenlee :).  I miss Sabine Singh real bad :(.

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    • Superposter

      Just a note — Sabine actually hasn’t cut her hair. It looks that way, but it was just the style she chose for that event. :)

    • Dexie

      oh is it?. Well if she ever decides to cut it. she’ll look fabulous :). Thanks.

    • Superposter

      Without a doubt. :)

    • http://Rainbow Norma

      I loved all my Children and I loved Greenlee (first one) but when Sabine came in I thought no way can she pull it off. She did and she did it so well that when they brought the real Greelee back I didn’t like watching her I like Sabine better and she was better. Now that they brought the real Greenlee back where is she? All my Children I really don’t get you!!! It’s really boring you let alot of good people go. Like the real Babe and Kendel’s sister. That’s when it was really good. Keep up the Great work Sabine:)