Fox News Report: TomKat Take Friends on Getaway

tom-cruise-and-katie-holmes-01_sp.jpg is reporting that David and Victoria Beckham, Kate Beckinsale and husband, Len Wiseman, Seal and Heidi Klum and Katie Holmes all boarded Tom Cruise’s Gulfstream private jet at Burbank Airport on Tuesday night.

What was the reason for the overnight stay? Just to have some fun!

We’re told Klum and Seal arrived at the airport inconspicuously in a black Ferrari and were very chatty with the “super friendly” Cruise, while the Beckham brigade barely said a word.

The famous couples touched down in Los Angeles in the early hours of Thursday morning.

“They were going to come home earlier but were having such a nice time they decided to stay a little longer,” our insider added.

Wow, what a busy few days Katie and Tom and Victoria and David have had. Lots of fun parties and now a getaway with some friends. Now that I could handle!

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    • Abercromie and Fitch

      Will Smith looks tight in the picture! That is one ballin suit! With sneakers!

    • concerned mom

      Now that is traveling in style!

    • amy

      Now that is what I call trying to buy some new friends in style!

    • No One Special

      Doesn’t this come from the same foxnews source that everyone here says is very unreliable and biased?

      Gasp!! Katie, Mom of the Year, abondoned Suri to the nannies. Oh, she did that when Suri was a newborn. No biggie now!!

      Seriously, how do you arrive inconspicuously in an expensive sports car?

      Very funny, Amy!

    • tyler

      have you heard a ferrari engine roar? there’s nothing inconspicuous about that car. it was made to be seen and heard.

    • april maria bowman

      no one special katie left her child with her father when she went to paris and suri has aunts and a gran katie is a star who puts parenting first unlike some people who leave the kids for years katie has spent from what we see no more than 2 days away from her yes she is mother of the year not only to her kid but to tom and nicoles

    • Kelly

      Sounds like FUN!

    • jenna

      You know….I honestly could not handle all that partying…they sure have had alot of events in the last few days. Me, I like my alone time. One birthday party and dinner out with friends is enough for me on the weekend!!! Just call me boring! :)

    • PuckHappy

      I don’t know. This sounds like wishful thinking on some tiny persons part. They are taking a risk trying to be top gun gossip guru.

      The Galaxy have mando practice all week after their tie on Saturday. They play their rivals “CHIVAAASSSSS” this weekend and there is NO WAY that David can NOT show. He’d be benched. He works for that “TEAM” NOT the other way around.

    • PuckHappy

      And what about the fact that Will is filming a movie right now with Connor Cruise? HE can’t just “take off” on a whim…..
      Like I said, someone is trying to get his/her name out there to be someone.

    • Lauren

      Puck, you don’t sound pleased one bit. First, the role Connor is playing was filmed a month ago over two days. It is a small role. I doubt they are going away for a month, Suri can survive that.

      It seems a fun getaway.

      Friedman is always making snide remarks about TC. You can sense he is none too pleased about this.

    • tyler

      It is obvious he doesn’t like TC or KH. Almost like it’s personal, but I suspect it’s about Scientology. A lot of people believe KH sold her soul, but I don’t believe she knew what she was doing.

    • PuckHappy

      HELLOOOOOOO READ what I posted. I POSTED that WILL SMITH is in the middle of filming a movie, the movie that Connor has a role in. I NEVER said ANYTHING about Suri or ANYTHING about KH leaving.
      I also posted that David Beckham belongs to a team. A TEAM that has MANDATORY practice ALL THIS WEEK and that HE has to be there. I NEVER EVER SAID A WORD ABOUT TOM OR KATIE OR ANY OF THE OTHERS.
      This has NOTHING to do with TOM’S CoS.

    • lala

      They looks so fabulous!! Love them!