General Hospital : Someone Dies, Eventually!!

So, after I saw the new cover for Soaps In Depth magazine I noticed a pattern. Someone is “going to die” in General Hospital every 2 weeks or so. I took pictures of my April copies and the new one for May to prove to you guys that one day, somehow, someone is going to die from Port Charles, Eventually. When? Who? nobody knows, but Eventually someone is going to die. Pay attention to the boxed headlines. 

*Magazine Pictures Taken By Dexie J. Wharton / Soaps On ABC


This was from March 10th, none of those pictured characters(Jax, Kate, Sonny, Claudia, Carly and Jason) are dead.


March 24th cover. Carly “died” for like 2 seconds. She’s still alive and well and kicking Sonny’s ass. Logan isn’t a goner that’s for sure.

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April 7th Cover. Lucky, Liz, Jason, and Sam are still very much accounted for. Monica is in rehab so she’ not a “Goner” yet.


April 21st cover. Michael was shot, in coma, but not dead.


May 5th cover. None of those 3 will die. Not in the near future. Claudia will get shot at, saved by Jason, Sonny will get shot, but we all know they’ll still be alive.  And will never die, heh.

So, either some actor’s contract is up and is not happy with a new offer therefore decide to leave the show and GH decides to kill or recast the character, I think we can all assume No One Is Dying In Port Charles. Maybe SID should  venture onto Thesaurus and use other words besides “Die”, “Dead”, “Killed”, “Murdered” or “Goner”. I love SID, but I’m just saying…. :)

*Magazine Pictures Taken By Dexie J. Wharton / Soaps On ABC

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