Hayden Panettiere, “obsessed” with Little Britain.

There’s a British television show out on DVD, called Little Britain, that Hayden Panettiere admits to being dangerously in love with.

She says, “I’m obsessed with it. I’m in love with Matt Lucas and I just found out that he had a civil partnership (to boyfriend Kevin McGee in 2006), which is great! I’m totally in love with him and David Walliams.”

I have no idea what this show is, but I’m assuming you can get it on Netflix or Amazon if you feel the urge to check it out.


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    • Mitch

      Little britain is a comedy show made up of mini movies.
      The 2 people, Matt Lucas and David Walliams dress up as different characters.
      The primeminister is played by anthony stewart head, you know, Giles from Buffy.
      It’s actually really funny.

    • ADAM

      was going to comment with something funny but computer says no!