The Tom Cruise in Star Trek Rumor Just Won’t Die

E! caught up with Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy, who will both be playing Spock in “Star Trek,” and asked them whether or not Tom Cruise will be in the movie. They both looked at each other, then there was a pause like they were trying to figure out what they should say and then one of them said, “Not that I know of”. You can totally tell those two know something! Here’s the video clip:

So, do you think Tom Cruise is in the movie or not?

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    • looika

      @ No One Special
      Sorry I don’t get what you mean.

    • No One Special

      “With all this drama going on with her parents, adorable little Suri — who turns 2 on April 18 — seems to be getting lost in the shuffle and spends much of her time with nannies instead of her parents.
      “She gets a lot of attention,” notes another source. “But every child wants to be with their parents — there is no substitute.””

      Really, kids need their parents. I guess Connor and Bella are the exception to that rule! Instead of Louisianna, Europe, and New York with their parents and Suri, they get camp in Oregon with the Scientologists and living with their Aunt for the majority of last year (Apr-Nov).

    • No One Special

      Lookia: I was just saying that they are from tabloids and the infamous ‘source’. But, I noticed since Tomkat got together, they were in break-upville every Spring and then physically fit and happy Katie came out in June. (Sounds like a new Barbie doll–LOL!!)

      It does make for an interesting read, though. Thanks for sharing.

      Seriously, I am not being mean or attacking you…Just sarcastic about the article.

    • No One Special

      It would be sad for any kid to go through a divorce because most parents tend to get on with their lives and treat the ex-spouse bad.

      Can you also imagine how Katie will feel if Cruise did leave her and his new girlfriend had Suri call her ‘mom’ and the woman stated that in the press for Katie to read?
      Can you imagine how little Suri will feel if Cruise said the next woman he dated and married was the one he loved more than Katie or Katie said that about her next boyfriend/husband? Trust me, comments like that are devasting to children.

      I would like to hope no child would go through the divorce of their parents, except if things are abusive at home.

    • Kelly

      I dont believe any of that stuff in OK, but I would love some new pictures of them looking fabulous. Has anyone see Katie’s hair shorter. How does it look?

    • concerned mom

      Thought there was a pic of her new hair here? But anyway, I love it.