Music Blog Spotlight: Sunday Soundtracks Roundup

RecordToday in the music channel we’ve been sharing our Sunday soundtracks with our loyal readers. Here are all the posts in case you missed them.

  • Ana’s been busting out gems from the 1990s at Austin Sound Check.
  • Devorah gives us a taste of what she’s been listening to at Big Apple Music Scene.
  • Dave at Brit Music Scene set his media player on random, and it didn’t let him down.
  • Jyle at Hip Hop Roll tells us about his latest album obsession.
  • Scott at Metal Martyr weighs in with the songs he’s been listening to.
  • Bruce at Our Digital Music tells us the songs he needs to get through the day.
  • Dexie at Pop Music Scene spills the beans on the pop songs that she’ll never skip.
  • Every day this week Bruce at The Rock Dose will feature a great song to start your day.
  • Mike at Toronto Unplugged lets you take a listen to the tracks on his iPod.

What’s on your playlist? I’d love to know!

Image source: K_Vohsen @ Stock.xchng

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