Watch Jamie Lee Curtis’s new commercial for Activia yogurt!

For reals, yall – this yogurt is overpriced and doesn’t taste that great. You can get the same effect (read: loose bowels) with regular yogurt and/or a handful of chocolate raisins followed by a prune milkshake. FYI!

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    • http://SnarkyGossip Jo Jo

      What in the hell happened to Jamie Lee Curtis? She looks like an old man with her gray hair cut as close as a cats, eating something distasteful, it is very obvious that she HATES the yogurt and I bet anything that after the camera was off she immediately spit it across the room!

    • kath ellis

      Jamie Lee looks like she was separated at birth from Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock. I f@#king HATE her in that commercial. She acts so arrogant and condescending. That stupid hair, what a troll.

    • KBC

      The latest commercial with a GUY eating what appears to be a mouthful of crap really makes ME want to run right out and get some! I’ve tasted it, too. It is BAD!

    • swl

      the new commercial with the couple in the park ,, the guy with his mouth full of shit, sounds and looks like a teenage girl trying not to gag on her first load !

    • Olivia

      Oh, I so hate that park commercial. That jerky guy! If you notice, though, they have all the “tasters” do that…roll it around in their mouths and talk before they swallow, its so tasty you know they can’t wait to say, “It’s really good!!!”.
      Idiots. I wouldn’t buy that crap if they paid me, just because of the ignorant ads.

    • Ted

      The guy speaking with his mouth full makes me fell ill to my stomack.

    • Barbara

      What a lousy commercial…who has ever seen a grown man act like such an idiot. They really should pull that ad. The guy look like an idiot looking skyward and spurting out “thoothisisththreallyggggood” Dumb,dumb dumb.

    • John

      I also REALLY hate that commercial where the fat guy is talking with his mouth full of that crap. I guess he was never taught any better.

    • Julie

      I hate that fat s.o.b. How hard is it to swallow yogurt before speaking? IT’S YOGURT!! I wish I could punch him.