Bret Michaels Rock Of Ho Is Amber!!

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Hubs and I just happened to see the last part of Rock of Love 2. Blah blah blah, Bret loves both of them blah blah blah. He needs someone who can live his lifestyle blah blah blah, he called Daisy up front. The poor sniffling girl couldn’t believe that Bret picked her but then BAMM, Bret dropped the bomb. Sorry honey, he’s gotten everything he wanted from her and he probably didn’t like it so he picked AMBER!. I hate to admit it but she actually looked decent compare to Daisy.

Bret Michaels said he found his rock of lust and rock of love. Now how long would this last? We’ll see on the reunion show on next Sunday. They showed a preview, cat fight folks, cat fights. Someone called someone a whore and someone claimed her boobs are real and the next thing you know someone’s getting punched. Woohooo!

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    • http://here sandy

      OMG……..thank God you picked Amber. I loved her all the way throughout the shows. Daisy’s fake lips, and wondering arms and hands drove me up the wall. So…she has a fake body, big deal anyone could buy that, but Amber?? She’s for real. Good job Amber.

    • CC’s old coke straw

      Amber is old, with saggy “bye bye arms,” cankles, fried egg tits and sagging fast, thick-hipped, doughey, man jawed, eyes to close together, and HORRIBLE hair. She’s just not pretty. Asexual. Not sexy at all.

      Talk about being a bitch??? You see her go after Daisy in Vegas? How about the goating in Cancun?? Amber is a ball breaking, castrating CUNT. There’s a reason why she is 37 and single.

      Her lying about her age then getting busted on about it was great. Old ass lying granny.

      Bret goes from banging super skanks like Pamela to this??? Aw hell no! Daisy was Bret’s Rock of Pussy. He will regret this decision. She won’t last… Rock Of Love 3 in August or September??

    • http://here sandy

      “Rock of pussy” wouldn’t last either lust does go away after time, and who would want to put up with that whiney little girl anyway? Oh……men that can’t see beyond lust. I think Bret thought long and hard about it all, and after all it was his choice. Will it last?? Who knows, nobody ever knows if it’ll last or not when they get into a relationship.

    • http://here sandy

      Maybe the show is scripted, I mean he did throw me for a loop picking Amber. Guess if there is a Rock of Love 3 it is scripted, in for the money and viewing…….
      Oh, how old are you? All of us get old (if we are lucky enough) and 37 isn’t old. Besides, Bret has $$$ to buy Amber new everything when she does get “old” Bret isn’t exactly young himself, picking someone closer to your own age is smarter, have more in common. As for lust?? Most 25 year olds do look good, but Daisy will be 37 one day too, and she’ll have saggy lips and eyes and boobs then.

    • clever

      Everyone seems to be forgetting that bret is now 45. Thats not old by any means so to pick ambre who is 37, established, pretty, normal, and doesnt flail her arms to speak like daisy the ugly duckling, is the obvious choice. He doesnt need another immature 25 yr old..he can pick those up at the shows..The only thing ambre ever lied about is her age by 5 yrs…what girl hasnt done that….be serious people…and yes its obviously very scripted

    • Judith

      Dear Brent:

      I just turned 61. I thought my husband was the sexy. But you win hands down.

      Rock of Love wil be in my heart forever.

      And you my love ROCK ON.