Gilmore Girls Movie Odds

Well, as much as this is reliable, and it’s not. And as much as it’s a guess, which it is. I like to report every bit of Gilmore Girls Movie news.

So, when somebody asked Ausiello what he thought the odds were of Amy Sherman-Palladino pursuing the Gilmore Girls Movie now that The Return of Jezebel James is done, this is what he said:

Your guess is as good as mine. For the record, my guess is in the neighborhood of 40-1. I imagine Team P has a fair amount of wound-licking to do before they dive back into TV.

What do you think? Are the odds good? I agree that Amy and Dan have hit such a harsh ending with Jezebel James, one at such a stark contrast to Gilmore Girls, that they will need to really build up some confidence again before returning to work. That, or perhaps they will want to dive in right again to prove themselves. Who knows? But, I hope a Gilmore Girls movie happens some day!

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    • Hallie

      I felt so bad for Amy and Dan!! They are incredible and I can’t believe the way their show ended!!

      …but I HOPE that this will inspire them to go back to what they know is a success…GILMORE GIRLS!

    • sherry

      Well I think that a GG movie is exactly what they need to do instead of licking their sore spots because of the return of jezebel james cancellation because do you realize how many happy fans they’d have and what positive talk about what a great job they did with a GG movie and that would build up their chance at eventually getting hired to do more series on TV? I hope they do THE Gilmore Girls Movie ASAP! Now in my opinion is the best time for them to do it-besides I haven’t heard what else ASP has up her sleeve to do at the moment have any of you?

    • Pamela

      I think those two do not suffer fools gladly. I think they will get right back on the bicycle, since they are too good at what they do.

      I think if they had another leading lady other than Parker Posey it might have worked.

    • Lara Joy

      I think the Palladinos should take ” all the time they need”. I mean Gilmore Girls was so special and they wanted to break Gunsmokes (20 seasons) record!! I know Lauren Graham said that she’s either there 100% or not at all and I think they should give ASP one day a second opportunity to archieve these 20 seasons (that’s Amy 100%!!!) I think it’s not important when it is … if it’s 2010 or 2011 because something I know 10000000…..% … that I will never ever love a show more than GG and that never ever in life a show can compete with GG, this show was magic and if one show ever can break the record of Gunsmokes then ONLY GG can archieve that!!!
      I know ASP can’t build up her story on DR’s but maybe she could do her seventh season as a movie to show us at least the most important evens of her season 7 and after that she could make a lot more seasons on tv. She has the script for her 7th season and if there is one thing in life I never want to see, then it’s an end of Gilmore Girls. Amy said once, that until everybody is dead in the family there is always a story to tell. Keep GG going till we see Rory and Lorelai with grey hair!!!! Show us their entire life and even the wedding and kids include their entire life. We could see Rorys kids go to yale, we could see Luke and Lorelais kids go to yale, Sookies kids go to yale, we could see the kids grow up and I could tell 100000000 new town festivals, Friday night dinners, interesting and exiting stories. That can’t be it because we saw every step of stars hollow and the gilmore girls, it seems like we haven’t even seen their half life. In this show is even more air than before. Don’t blow it away!!!!! Make many more seasons and I swear, viewers will triple!!!!!!

      I say, like Luke “Take all the time you need Amy & Dan” We’ll wait for the record!!!!

    • Michele

      OK, this is just me being selfish, but of course I would love to see a GG movie. Is there a way to get a letter writing campaign started to maybe push this along in the right direction? How does one go about doing such a thing and where is the best place to send the letters?

    • jennifer

      yea i would love to see a gilmore girls movie too i mean i am totally with Michele in that we the fans should try and push the movie along. I mean maybe there is a way to let Amy and Dan and the cast know that we the fans really want this movie to happen and we want Amy to get her way of ending it the way she wanted…i mean she deserves it anyway..

    • Stan bomes

      A movie would be good providing the original cast
      was included. Who knows! Maybe a film would spawn a new TV series, even if it meant a cast of some new characters.

    • JMO

      My two cents:

      Amy was lucky to have a shot like Gilmore Girls and sometimes karma can be a bitch. She should of held out for one more year and fought for GG and their fans to give the show a justified ending!!

      I am not surprised that TROJJ ended so quickly considering that many shows today have such a hard time being successful.

      So Amy once said that she probably peaked with GG and I have to say she’s probably right.

      I don’t know if they’ll be a movie. I think you’d have to have a lot of convincing to do between Lauren and Alexis. I think they’re pretty much done with the show. It’s in the past.

      I certainly would love a movie but wouldn’t be surprised if we never see one. Sometimes it’s best to just leave well enough alone! So we didn’t get the “happy” ending like we always anticipated but do you really want ASP and Dan to come back to rewrite and ending they should of done back when they had the chance? I say it’s their loss (and ours) but one that should just be left be.

    • sherry

      A GG movie should be done in my opinion ASAP because I see Lauren getting into movie parts big time lately and I do know that I have read and heard Lauren say many a different thing about GG such as one time yes she would do a movie then another time I read she siad well I don’t know what the movie would be about considering the show wasn’t about much is what she was saying-so i wonder how much she cares about her GG fans.

    • sherry

      I also think now would be a good time for ASP to sit down and watch GG season 7 to see what they did to her series then maybe it might ignite a bigger urge for for to begin work on the GG movie

    • Lara Joy

      I’m not pretty sure but I think Amy said once she can’t build up her story on David Rosenthals, that’s why she should do her 7th season as a movie and after that she had the chance to film more seasons of Gilmore Girls.

      I even prefer nothing to an end. I mean then leave me at least my hope that this show comes back one day for more seasons, but if they do the ending, then this show will always be the one in history, which ended years too soon! So many seasons too soon! Soo many stories which could happen! Amy:”We have a specific idea how we wanted the show ultimately end and there are a MYRIAD OF WAYS TO GET THERE, WHICH COULD HAVE ANOTHER FEW SEASONS!” The end we get anyway but I think it’s a HUGE difference if the end is season 8 OR season 13 (or even 21). It’s too much story left and that’s why an end would not fit the story and would be horrible to see.

      Even Lauren said:”It would be my worst nightmare if we end the show with a wedding!”

      Lauren said about Amy once:”She’s either there 100% or not at all!” She wanted 21 seasons the record!

      and Amy wanted Gunsmokes (20 seasons) record and even after the end (in season 21) she wanted Gilmore Girls to run on tv for decades (like Bonanza)!

      Daniel Palladino:”But we wanted to break Bonanza and Gunsmokes record.”

      Amy said once:”The wonderful thing about a family show is that until everybody is dead in the family, there is always a story!” 21 seasons could show us the whole life of Rory and Lorelai till they are old. We could see ALL what fans want to see in these seasons (and not in one more season or a movie) of both Gilmore Girls, we could see every step of them till they are old! We could see their wedding, kids, see their kids grow up, see them go to Yale, all Rorys boyfriends could come back in these seasons (and not in a movie or season), a lot more town fesivals could happen and like Amy said till the family is dead there is always a story to tell. We could see Sid and Nancys 1st,2dt,3dt,5th,15th… birthday, see them celebrate christmas together and we could get to know all Rorys boyfriends better till we all finally know whos the right guy for her like we know it with Luke and Lorelai 100% (so all fans would like to see the wedding then)! Should we do an end and let Rory marry one of her boyfriends because always fans will be dissapointed? It would not fit the story when she gets married young and have a kid young! but in season 13 it could happen and we also could see her kids grow up if Amy keeps the show up to 21 seasons. We saw every step of the GGs since season 1 and that’s Amys secret. She knows when the story is slow that she can archieve 21 seasons. Remember Luke and Loorelai became a coupe after 4 seasons. That’s a long time and that’s why the wedding, kids thing can’t be rushed also not with Rory. I could NOT enjoy it like the seasons before. Fans always say the show is close to our life but only because the story is slow, because then we can identify with their lifes and see them grow, how it’s in our life, too, we make little steps. That’s what this show made so special. And the real life doesn’t end with a wedding and kids too! It goes on, it goes always on till you die! Okay I don’t wanna see Rory and Lorelai die but I think the show should definitally go on till Lorelai is grandma and I know if Rorys kids go to Chilton because then the show would end where it began! And I’m sure the actors want to come back Lauren Graham said after the end:

      “Lauren Graham:”I will miss that feeling of being around a crew, all of whom I know and feel really at home with and really supported by.”

      Lauren Graham:”So if we can do it in a way that still makes the show really good, and can maybe make it managable for the actors then there may be a reason to come back!”

      Amy Sherman – Palladino:”I think they could have gotten the girls for another seasons if they made the right deal, because Lauren and Alexis can go off and do the movies they want to make around our production schedule, we made it work for them, so they could do that.”

      Amy Sherman – Palladino:” Can we sit down and talk how we can make this work?”

      That was Amys question and I think she’s right, the CW should give her a second opportunity to film many more seasons! and who knows, maybe she’ll reach the record 21 seasons. I’m pretty sure she would!!! and in season 21 she could make her ending with her final 4 words! Then I’m happy and accept an ending! Of course I would accept also the end maybe in season 15 but what I want to say is that there is too much missing and seriously I could write scripts for 14 new seasons!!! So, I think they should do all or nothing, because then leave me at least the hope that the real Gilmore Girls come back on day with the amount of seasons it deserves!!! It’s the best show ever, and ever and ever!!! I always watch my dvds and with every episode I realize how much I love this show and how much potential it still has!!!I personaly would not watch an end (season 8 or movie)!! But I would watch an end in season 15 or 21! Because then they told everything what fans want to see, we could enjoy to see there whole life and then I’m happy… because then there aren’t questions anymore! Now there are too many “Reasons4seasonS”!!! Gilmore Girls is a one time opportunity for the Palladinos they maybe never get in life again to archieve the record of Gunsmokes!!!I think they should find a solution for it and talk about it. In my opinion it’s not important when GG comes back, it’s important how effective the result is. They should definitelly give the Palladinos to archieve Gunsmokes record or at least 12 or 13 seasons!!! I mean it’s Gilmore Girls!!!! This show is magic!!!!

    • sherry

      I am a huge GG fan however I think trying to break the record of gunsmoke is kind of silly-GG is a great show and I’d love to see a movie or atleast a few more seasons but 21 seasons I think is trying to take a great show too far-I think I would be sad to see my favorite GG characters grow too old it wouldn’t be the same to see Lor and Luke old-almost sad. Anyway this is only my opinion…..

    • Lara Joy

      Well I know 21 seasons sounds a lot but I just want to say it’s not impossible and that they should give Amy the opportunity to make more seasons. I’m happy if Gilmore Girls gets at least 4 more seasons so it has 11 seasons like 7th heaven. And old and grey i didn’t meant in the way you might see it. I only want to say that Gilmore Girls should not end because it has still too much story and is too famous. I think Amy just wanted to say it also. Yes I know 21 seasons sound a lot but I never thought about it that a show ever got 20 seasons till I rode it that Gunsmoke got it. I think fans would be more optimistic if they had never cancelled GG. But I think that we at first should be optimistic and hope that we get a few more seasons. Old and grey was maybe really the wrong word and that’s even not possible because in season 21 would Lorelai be 53 and Rory 36 and in this age your hair isn’t grey and you’re not old. Sorry , I’m from Germany and my english is not that well. I don’t know so much english words. But I think all that what fans wish to see, needs a few more seasons. I think and hope if we get at least 4 more seasons, so GG get’s at least that much seasons like 7th Heaven. I think maybe if Amy really could make her 7th season as a movie the CW gives her after that a second opportunity to do more seasons. That would be in my opinion the best solution (….and maybe … who knows…. they will break the record… I believe in it) and I think Gunsmokes is from the 50ties or 60ties… who believed in this time that the show will reach 20 seasons? I think if you expiriance it and you saw a show 20 years then I think you would think different about it. Well I never saw Gunsmokes but I know Gilmore Girls is so special and no other show beside GG could break the record. But yes, I understand you, I’m happy when they at least do a few more seasons. I think maybe that’s we should at first look up to.

    • Cara

      We NEED to let Amyb know that the fans are stillloyal and want this movie to happen

      Check out this

      I think she really misses the show and wants the closer just as bad as we do!!

    • Anne

      I love the Gilmore Girls. It is the best show I have ever seen. I wish that there were many more seasons to watch, but it wouldn’t be the same without the original Luke and Lorelai. I would love a 2 hour movie, but as a lot of people feel, a few or a lot more seasons would be even better. I would like to know more about whether or not there will be a movie or more seasons, if anyone has an inside info please let me know.

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    • http://none Maryanne

      Well I think that Amy and Dan should make a Gilmore Girls movie! It would be sorta like a reunion for the cast! And we would actually get to see if Lorelai and Luke end up together. But of course it is up to Amy and Dan how the movie and the characters turn out. (Today is Lauren Graham’s b-day!! srry i just had to say that!!!) Anyway if we (the people) can encourage the Palladino’s to make a Gilmore Girls movie then maybe they will think about! of course they would have to think about it and put their full credit into making a movie and lots of time! But I think it would be super kewl to have a last Gilmore Girls end with a GOOD BANG!!!

    • mf

      I think after two years since the show’s finale the need to wrap up the story is decreasing. Sure it would be nice to see the cast reunited on the screen. But the show was great as it ran for seven years and a movie wouldn’t be sufficient to straighten out the mess that was done in the storylines through season 6 and 7.
      People can keep their hopes high, but I don’t think it will happen.

    • Paul_Anklebiter

      This show was great. Bar none it was tops. However, what happened here was a great tragedy familiar to most corporate consolidations: WB got bought out by CW. Then in the name of both self-preservation and territory marking, GG was made an example of being cancelled after the new network’s first season. It had nothing to do with how good the show was but more from what network Gilmore Girls previously came from. I offer up the following evidence as proof to my claim: Aquaman The Series which would have starred Ving Rhames and Lou Diamond Phillips. This show was pitifully shelved by CW after initial WB airing of the pilot. However, when it was submitted for download purchase via contract with iTunes, the pilot then became *the* highest rated download in that company’s history. Consider my words as food for thought. Don’t let the man get you down, ASP. Perhaps its on them the paranoia of considering Rory maybe attending grad school at Lorelai’s beloved choice of colleges. Haha, if Lorelai married Luke he’d be radical as Michael Collins. If Rory married Logan, she’d be Dorothy Parker at Algonquin Roundtable. Oh the shame. The horror that would be bestowed upon the name and estate of Gilmore then! As Bulworth might ask: “Obscenity?!”