Soaps On ABC Poll Update : You Want Brandon Barash To Dance

After 407 votes, Brandon Barash won the Dancing With the Stars Poll. Most of you want to see Brandon in his spandex, sequined outfits, shirtless maybe at a time doing Paso Doble, cha-cha, the waltz, and jive like there’s no tomorrow :). I can picture Brandon Barash flashing us her pearly whites when he does his freestyle dance at the finals. With no shirt on. LOL. Carrie Ann Inaba fainting at that Judges table. We Love You Brandon!! ;). Here’s the complete tally :

  • Brandon Barash, 115
  • Bradford Anderson, 104
  • Maurice Benard, 37
  • Rebecca Herbst, 30
  • Greg Vaughn, 28
  • Rebecca Budig, 19
  • Michael E. Knight, 18
  • Susan Lucci, 16
  • Hillary B. Smith, 15
  • Aiden Turner, 12
  • Robert S. Woods, 8
  • Nanct Grahn, 5

I guess we’ll see if Brandon Brarash takes the challenge and be on the next season of DWTS. If offered anyway :).

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