Saleisha Stowers My Life as a Covergirl Episode Seven

Here is the seventh episode of Saleisha Stowers My Life as a Covergirl commercials.

I wonder why she hasn’t showed up on this cycle of America’s Next Top Model yet. Do you think she will?

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    • gymerin

      she is so valley girl meets monotone. For the girl who was so “commercial” this was pretty bad

    • Josie Arribas

      I’m still mad that Heather didn’t win. Seilesha is so bad.

    • EasterBuffy

      Saleisha is just probably too busy with her schedule to do an episode of ANTM. Not every winner has come back for an appearance the following season. I think Eva has made the most post-ANTM appearances. I don’t remember Nicole Linkletter ever coming back. Okay, Dani Evans has shown up two or three times, but it’s not a given that, because you’ve won, you’ll be back. Erin, the playback on the clip above was funky. The audio was at normal speed, but the video at three times the normal rate. Thanks for your good work on this website and for providing an interesting forum of discussion.

    • lily

      I agree that Saleisha is too busy to show up on the cycle of America’s Next Top Model , since i saw her dating profile on a dating site Maybe she is dating with a millionaire at her free time

    • LaTeela Jackson

      How you knows Slaieshas too busy to goes on the shows of ATnm? Is shes doing fahson shows or sometings elses? I thik Heaters was betters than Slaesha.

    • Top model addict

      She sounds so rehearsed, it’s seriously bad. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: she’s too ugly to be a “top” model. The judges have picked the wrong girl. I agree that Heather was better, but she wasn’t ready to make it in the fashion world.

    • B.G.

      Everyone should just stop hating and leave Saleisha alone. She won. Its over there is nothing that anyone can do now. Im glad she won she deserved it. Her walk was mean and she had what it took. them other girls couldnt hold a candle to her. In cycle 5 Nicole shouldnt have won it shouldve been Nik but like that its over and in the past. So everyone STOP HATING and let it go

    • NEISHI

      I agree with you B.G. Saleisha worked her ass off but you have to realise that all those criticizing are just jealous and it still isn’t changing the fact that she already won!!!! by the way i wanted Nik to win from cycle 5 as well she was gorgeous.


      maybe she is busy ! but i mean like she good =] n i glad she one! YA THAT mad me so mad b/c nicole one ! NIk was better yo! everyone its over u can changed nothin chantal u good but u not as good as Saleisha ! LOVE U SALESISHA ! N HEATHER SHOULDNT HAVE ONE !!!!!

    • K~

      She sure is a bitch.
      Come on! Refusing to share a fucking DOUBLE BED? What the hell is your problem bitch?! What kind of model are you?

      And way to go Tyra, you chose the fucking worst option to be ANTM. But since you’re a idiot yourself, it’s not much of a surprise.