General Hospital Spoilers : April 08 | Carly’s Worst Nightmare

General Hospital spoilers that has really made my stomach churn for the last few weeks but after analyzing everything in my head, I believe it’s going to be a real drama none of us should miss. Not even to go to the bathroom. As everyone knows, Michael is going to be shot. Dr. Ian aka Claudia’s henchman ended up shooting Michael instead of Sonny. The bullet was meant for Sonny but it hit one of the coffee steel shelves which bounced and hit Michael instead. Carly, fighting with Claudia at Metro Court get a phone call from Kate. Carly yells at Kate and lets her know she didn’t like that fact that she and Sonny took Michael into the warehouse without her permission. Kate tells her to shut up and listen. Michael has been shot. Carly calls Jason and both hurriedly goes to the hospital and arrives while Michael was wheeled in. Robin is the Doctor with Michael. Carly forgets all hatred and begs Robin to “fix Michael”. Click for more…

BUT, Carly’s worst nightmare came true. Michael’s situation is severe than expected. Without her husband Jax, she leans on her bestfriend Jason and her Mom. The whole situation gets worse when Carly gets hit with the news that Michael  may never wake up from his coma. Then she also finds out that when the bullet hit Michael, Sonny covered Kate to save her instead of Michael. Carly’s world will turn upside down. And from then on, she felt that Sonny is dead to her. He will no longer be Michael’s father.

If there is any daytime actress who could pull off this dramatic storyline, it’s Laura Wright. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most. Great acting and the fact that Michael will swallow the Soap Operas Growth Serum, hence a new face in the future when he finally wakes up :).


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    • http://bethathome beth ritholz

      tomrow will be agood show from beth

    • Hamb

      I didnt think that this would turn out right, just more crappy story lines- but I think Laura Wright (and hopefully her revenge on Sonny) will be worth watching!

    • Dexie

      Hamb, that’s exactly why i’m so glued into it. Laura Wright is amazing. I don’t even see Sarah or Tamara as Carly anymore. She made that role her own.

    • kathy

      I really don’t like the story line. It is too severe. Finally, when we think Jason and Elizabeth are going to get together then this happens. Laura Wright is the BEST!!! Please get Kate out of here. I want everything to go back to the way things were. Sonny and Carly back together!!

    • Sandra

      Enough with the dark drama. Killing/shooting all the loveable characters of GH has to stop. What I have loved best about GH is disappearing, such as what made it campy, wacky, and loveable like the zany Quartermanes, the Spencers, Helena Cassadine, the feuds, etc. Although the story line makes sense it is too much of death and depression on the show.