Take a Look Inside Beyoncé’s Closet!

Terri Seymour, host of Extra (and girlfriend of American Idol judge, Simon Cowell), was lucky enough to a look inside Beyoncé‘s closet.  Bey also talks about the House of Dereon clothing line.  Check it out:

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    • Simmi

      Now-a-days every body is just concerned about her marriage with Jay-Z. Now her closet would be having wedding dress.
      Hey guys do you know why she is called the Pink Panther. If not, just read an article http://www.octanmen.com/articleDetail/387/beyonce-pink-panther.htm

    • http://www.myspace.com/josse_s Josefine

      Now they are married!!! They got married yesterday evening (Friday)
      Jay-Z wanted to keep it extremly private. Only friends and family. Wish them all luck in the world! They won’t get divorced like all the others <3

    • jerome

      I just love Beyonce and hope her marriage to Jay-Z works out, I’m sure it will. About her closet, it got to be full, that is for sure and she is the hottest things since sliced bread to be wearing the clothes. “you know”

    • Anastacia

      beyonce sister u deadly ;p