Hayden Panettiere’s Soap Opera Past

Before Hayden Panettiere was :

  • Saving whales
  • A cheerleader that needs to be saved to save the world in TV sensation HEROES
  • A cheerleader on the undying Bring It On, straight to DVD movie sequels
  • A friend  to Michelle Trachtenberg in Ice Princess
  • Kate Hudson’s niece in Raising Helen
  • The tomboy in Denzel Washington’s Remember The Titans
  • As Jessica in a few episodes of Malcolm In The Middle
  • The voice of the adorable Princess Dot in A Bug’s Life
  • Among any other movies and TV gigs
  • Lizzie Spaulding in CBS Soap Guiding Light, who fought the dragons to defeat Lukemia

Before all of that, when Hayden Panettiere was only 4 yrs old, she was the cute and infectious tot Sarah Victoria Roberts in One Life To Live. Hayden Panettiere sure has grown and we couldn’t be any prouder. WTG Hayden!

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