Top Ten Favorites for you this happy Saturday

1) Tyra Banks Sports Illustrated Ten Year Anniversary: here’s a video of her trying on the bikini – Photoshop much, Tyra?

2) A Kristen Davis sex tape AND pictures have come out!: Sweet little Charlotte from Sex and the City sure picked a whopper of a wrong guy to go out with!

3) Vanessa Williams, Kristin Chenoweth, Carla Gugino, and Marley Shelton: NAKED: How about some naked booty to go along with your cornflakes? Anyone? Anyone?

4) Naked Brad Pitt: Oh, yeah – the nakedness just keeps on a’comin.

5) Celebrity Oops Moments: What will those celebrities think of next!

6) Sexy Pics of Rachel Ray: My eyes! They burn!

7) Celebrities for Disney photoshoots – including behind the scenes candid shots!: Awesome stuff; not sure what I think of Whoopi as the Genie though.

8) Naked Jamie Lee Curtis in AARP: I didn’t know it was possible to be this nauseous this early in the morning.

9) Is Ryan Seacrest gay? : Annoying, yes, but gay? Who cares?

10) Tiger Woods home burned to the ground: sad news for the world’s best golfer.

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