Fusion Girls VS Llanview Chicks, Survivor Style, Round 1


So what would happen if the Fusion Girls(All My Children) competed with the Llanview Chicks(One Life To Live) ala Survivor Style? Let’s have our own twist in this outwit, outplay, outlast game eh? But first, who are the girls :

FUSION GIRLS: Greenlee, Kendall, Babe, Annie, and Amanda

Llanview Chicks : Jessica, Natalie, Adrianna, Leyla, and Gigi.

Let’s play….

First Challenge : List all the names of the Men they’ve slept with. Add the numbers. The team with the highest # wins the challenge. The losing team will send 1 girl home.

I was going to say, between the Fusion CEO’s, they have it down but then again, the Llanview Chicks has the Buchanan Twins… hehehe.

Let’s start counting…. :)


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