Mary-Kate and Ashley in Bikinis

Olsen Files just posted some pictures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in swimsuits from their visit in Australia in 2006.

The girls look good in the pictures, young and healthy!

Click here to see the photos.

Thanks to jj for the tip!

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    • Rebel

      You are right, they look healthy: not extremely skinny or something. I think it’s because the high heels they always wear, that people think they are so thin. Okay, they are thin but because of the heels their legs look thinner.

    • Olsen fan

      I love The Olsen twins 6 years.i love them from my 1 class,and now i going to 6 class.I have many their films and posters.My dream is to meet them!


    • Peter Hutchins

      Nice spread