Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Revamped Cosmetics

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have revamped their entire cosmetics line. It looks much more sophisticated and sleek and it no longer has that four-year old photo shoot on every product!

See for yourself at

What do you think? Would you wear it?

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    • jj

      I posted a scan from UK mag they have tried to make it look like she’s with that guy and have cut his girlfriend who was sitting next to him out of the picture!

    • Erin

      thanks jj! that’s really funny!!

      Because of copyright, i’m not allowed to post mag scans anymore, but everyone should go and check it out!!!

    • jj

      what do u mean is it because of the picture I guess you can always post what is said in the article?

    • jj

      Mary-Kate Olsen, dining with pal Nicole Richie and a group of friends at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont. There with a male friend (wearing a cast), the starlet smoked some cigarettes – but skipped the food. Richie, meanwhile, was eating: She ordered potato-crusted halibut and asked for a side of carrots and fries – and she gleefully ate chunks of food with her fingers totally unaware of her friends’ reactions.

    • Erin


      i can totally post what the article says. In fact, i will!!


    • diana rancourt

      I love your cosmetic line and buy frequently. Last night I bought your brown sugar lip stain and lip gloss duo. The color came out pink, and I can not wear pink everyday. The color in the tube appears like brown sugar, which is a nuetral that I wear well, so I was disappointed.
      Thank you

    • Rosalind

      I am looking for the lip gloss in love amoureuse. I’m assuming it has been discontinued with the revaping of the line. I really like this lip gloss. Where can I find it? Either call me at (704) 605-8664 or email me at

    • virginia

      I have been looking for mary-kateandashley illuminus liquid color eye shadow. they use to sell in walmart but I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get it. There is no site for mary-kateandashley makeup. So where do you buy it.Help

    • Princess Kim

      Virginia, the Mary-Kate and Ashley make-up line has been discontinued. Any stores that have remaining product have put it on clearance.

    • ysc00by

      why was it discontinued and what stores carried it beside walmart

    • cass

      when i was in florida not too long ago i was in the walmart down there in new smyrna beach, fl and they had the marykate and ashley makeup line. i bought some, its rly affordale, however i am not sure if it is a newer line tht has only been released in a couple wlmarts so far or mayb some of the older products. i hope tht helps

    • Alicia

      I am looking for the lipgloss MK&A use to have at Walmart. The name of the color was Tender. Since the line was discontinued, is there a similar gloss in the new line?

    • Becki

      I really liked their lipgloss as well. I hope they have it in their new line.

    • Erin Balser

      Only Wlmart carried it. I think it was discontinued because MK and Ashley are focusing on their other lines.

    • Erin Balser

      They are thinking about doing make-up under the Olsenboye brand! Let’s hope it happens!