Gauntlet 3 – The Grand Finale Made Me Sick To My Stomach

After rooting for the Rookies all season, watching them win was somewhat bittersweet. Not because I wasn’t excited to see them take home $50,000 each, but because the Veteran team’s behavior was disgusting.

Normally I’m not terribly serious on this blog, but tonight, I am. The fact that half of the team (ahem Evelyn, CT, Kenny, Evan…) were more concerned with winning a reality TV challenge than making sure their friend and teammate lived to see another day made me absolutely sick to my stomach.

I think Tori got it right when she said that the better team won.

If you missed it, here ya go:

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    • Jen

      I totally agree with you! Up until last night, I was rooting for the Veteran team. The sense of greed displayed by Ev, Robin, and Kenny by crying that they lost $50K while easy was on the ground seriously sick pissed me off. I give a lot of credit to Brad for trying to help Easy. Brad is the one of the few who have the sense to help Eric and not worry about the money. CT and Kenny’s idea to carry Easy to the finish line was ridiculous, as it could have hurt Eric more,as he needed help then, not in twenty minutes when they finished. The Vets were selfish and last nigt proved it. I am not a big Corla fan, but I’d love to know how she felt last night. Eric, you gave it your all, I hope you are doing better.

    • Kris

      I am SO glad the Rookies won. I haven’t liked the vets behavior all season, especially after last night. I still like Brad and Robin, they seemed to be the only ones concerned for Eric. Karma is a bitch when you’ve been that crude all along.

    • Leslie

      Brad was the only one who showed any compassion at all. Brad was obviously raised right, unlike the other immature slobs on The Vets team. They say that editing can sometimes make a situation seem different than what it really was, well in this case no amount of editing in the world could change the fact that these uncaring, selfish people are perhaps the worst of what societ is today. A huge SHAME on The Vets for their reaction to Erik’s plight. I hope their families and friends are ashamed of them but even more I hope they are ashamed of themselves. Learn from this experience and GROW THE F**K UP!!!! You actually thought that Erik would sail through the final gauntlet?? Are you blind?? Anyway Brad keep up the good example you set for today’s youth and for people in general. You’re a real man and have the maturity to go far in life and I wish you only the best. I hope things work out for you and Tori, you make a great couple. PEACE

    • tremaine

      I wanted to see the vets win but the way they treaated big eazy im glad they lost

    • Trey

      i know that the health of easy was more important than anything else, but if i worked my ass off and was in good shape and someone passed out i would be pretty upset and in the heat of the moment i dont blame anyone on the vets team

    • Peter Belisi

      I totally thought easy was a goner. Intense finale!

    • SJD

      If it was a real option I think that blond girl on the veteran’s team would have sawed Eric’s leg off to win her measily $30,000. What kind of people are on these shows? Brad was just about the only decent human being on the whole team.

    • SJH

      I was sick to my stomach watching the finale of The Gauntlet. To see people so blatantly disregard their friend’s health and safety to win money made me sad, disgusted, and lose faith in people. My only hope is that when the Vets view the final episode and saw how they behaved, they gain some common sense, decency, compassion and heart. Brad was the only one shown who actually tried to help his teammate regardless of the consequences. (Btw, I think Robin was crying not because of Eric, but because she knew they were going to lose…-really disgusting) PS- Doesn’t MTV have a health screening for people competing? I think after this they probably will have to…

    • just me

      i agree with everyone, but i also think the producers of the show should have intervened from the start. eric was in NO WAY fit for that half mile swim and all that running! how could the producers and camera people just keep watching them literally DRAG a man by chains??? that really affected me…they were dragging him like he was imprisoned or something! it was such a bad situation, and CT is such a freaking psycho!! i think brad has a great heart, but he really was powerless over the rest of those idiots!! if they had just been concerned in the beginning about eric, rather than dragging him along not even bothering to check on him (he was TOTALLY out of it) i wouldnt blame them for being mad about losing but they deserved to lose for that!!

    • ernie

      While I agree that they acted selfishly, why put them through all that and then tell them it was for nothing. The guy could not physically keep up, his health was in danger, and because of something the team could not help they were penalized. What would have they liked them to have done, drag his corpse around ??? They won and still lost. At the VERY LEAST once he was down and out, tell them to stop.

    • TFW

      No matter what anyone says, the Vets had a right to be upset and angry. Eric did not belong in the final challenge; he was not physically fit, and did not even try as hard as he could. The Vets won the challenge and then lost as a technicality. How bad for the Rookies must it be to lose almost every challenge, and then when they win, they STILL actually lose. The Vets should have been given the win.

    • PJF

      In response to TFW…people who behave like that don’t deserve to win ANYTHING in my opinion. The rules were the rules and I’m glad they didn’t get the money. They would have been rewarded for being total degenerates.


      I think the Vets deserved to win 100%. Sure some of them were unsympathetic to Easy’s problem, but I mean come on every one of us would have been angry about the money too. I think the Vets should have been exempt from the “every teammate has to cross the finish line” rule since Easy was clearly unable to continue. I agree that Easy should have gone into the Gauntlet, but on the other hand the Vets didn’t have meny chances to put him in and would have risked valuable players in the process. The way the Vets caught up to the Rookies who had an amazing advantage showed they had heart and the Rookies didn’t even look like they were trying once they saw the Vets. If there is any way to start a petition to get the Vets the money they deserve you bet I’ll be the first one to sign it!!!!

    • Esther

      Evelyn (her new name should be EVILlyn and Paula were incredible bitches. They were both completed selfish and cried like little babies over something petty. Life is more important, you little bitches, over 30K. Have a reality check. Learn some loyalty. Remember, it’s only a game. I’m disgusted with both of them and how they treated Erik. It was beyond his control…when the body shuts down…one cannot control that. Very disappointed at those two bitches…

    • Ana

      I just want to say:
      1. I LOVE coral and katie, they are my favourite because they’re so honest and upfront.
      2. I HATE evelyn, melinda and DANNY.
      3. I LOVE the fact that Johanna and wes broke up, she deserves SO MUCH BETTER!!!
      4. I think melinda and danny are disgusting and dramatic and deserve each other and need to realize they’re not real celebrities.
      5. I LOVE the fact that the rookies won, totally unexpected!!

    • Sean

      Coral looked great tonight on the reunion.

    • kelz

      the vet’s should have won the final challenge hands down. if easy’s health was such a big problem, he should have never even been allowed to join the game. he knew, they knew, we all knew he could not pull of that final challenge no matter what he said and should have admit it before he put his OWN health in danger. if you asked a 200+ pound person, male or female if they could swim half a mile, run a marathon and more; they would have said no from the getgo. &&& ev could be as mad as she wants, she’s the baddest chick out there right now. i’d be angry [for good or bad reasons, it doesn't really matter], e’s whole team murdered that course.. they were all fit and ready for that challenge money or no money and it just sucks that what they worked so hard for get’s taken away.

    • MWMD

      vets deserved to win… no matte what if you were that fit and that ready for the challenge nd lost becaue soeone didnt finish due to a health issue majority of the people wold be pissed. The fact that the vets who were two stage behind the rookie and still managed to com back and beat them is amazing. Rookies had a hge lead and were on th last stage while vets wre doing the puzzle yet they still lost. all in all vets obliverated the rookis in everycxompititn including the last one. VETS ARE AMAZING!