AMC Star Sighting : Sabine Singh @ ‘LOVE: A Benefit Performance of Short Plays’

Sabine Singh(ex-Greenlee) along with Jane Alexander and Laila Robins performed at Women’s Expressive Theater Presents ‘LOVE: A Benefit Performance of Short Plays’ last February in New York City. I miss Sabine. I wish they could bring her back somehow. Or venture onto movies. Anything. She’s so talented and soooo beautiful.

More pictures of Sabine Singh after the fold….

I love her white tank top and plum balloon skirt. Sabine possesses a sophisticated style everything is effortless to her.

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    • lydia

      thanks for posting and keeping us up to date…I miss her too and have wondered what she’s been up to…Jane Alexander is such a great, well respected actress, what a kudo for Sabine to act with her.