Nicole Richie Unhappy with Paris Hilton?

As we all know, Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are dating. Earlier reports said that Nicole Richie loved the idea of Paris and Benji dating, but newer reports are claiming the opposite!

According to MSNBC, Nicole is very upset with Paris’s new relationship.

“Nicole has made it clear to Paris that she doesn’t like her seeing (Benji),” a source told Star Magazine. “She thinks Paris is a total nightmare to be around and just wants her to go away. She isn’t happy about Paris once again crashing what is now her picture-perfect life.”

I know it’s a trashy tabloid that’s reporting this, but I was wondering what you all thought? Is Nicole on board with Paris & Benji? Or not? And are you?!

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    • juliette

      it’s annoying if paris does this only cause nicole is with joel, i understand it.

      like benji isn’t good looking, and she has had always these crushes to handsome men.
      What changed her?

      paris wants so desperate to stuck her nose in every place, maybe she wants no harm, dunno.

    • joely moley

      Not really sure about this one, although eonline, which I think is a pretty reliable source, reported that during the store opening the girls just said “hi” to each other and that was it.
      Ahhh God I miss the old Benji.

    • Jessica

      We all miss the old Benji. :[

    • Rachel

      I know. I miss the old benji too. BUt we have to remember that he’s “grown up.” Although I was watching this REALLY funny old TRL show of Good charlotte, and Benji was SOOO funny and sillly. Now he thinks he’s just too cool for anyone.

    • lua jude

      this benji/paris relationship is a bit weird, i mean wut paris want a life like nicole, and benji wants to be “famous” like his bro? it’s stupid and really childish! i’d understand if nicole wasnt happy about that

    • Shelby

      I don’t understand why anyone would believe that. And Benji isn’t ugly…her other boyfriend’s were *prettyboys* thats why everyone is skeptical about her dating and different kind of guy. But to me he’s just as nice looking as the rest. And I don’t think nicole would be so imature. She’s got other things to focus on.

    • Tori

      I actually think, if I was nicole, it would sort of not cool for Paris to be dating Benji, and here’s why. First, Nicole IS dating Benji’s TWIN brother. They look similiar, so that would raise red flags that Paris might have been interested in Joel. Paris always did comment about how happy the couple looked, prior to nicole giving birth. Now it just seems Paris wants everything NIcole has… But then again, I could be reading this wrong and she’s in it for all the good intentions — NOT! :P

    • Jackie

      Good on ya Nicole.
      Now that paris and benji are dating paris is trying so hard shes dressing punk style and everything!
      Paris is such a try hard!
      She wants the same life as nicole she even said that she wants to get married and have a baby.
      But why does it mean she has to go date nicoles fiancees brother!?
      The relationship is just so stupid!
      Paris is using benji to make nicole mad.
      If i was in nicoles postion,I would be thinking the exact same thing.

    • jacklyn

      i don’t care for paris hilton at all, i think that she is jealous of nicole for getting her life on track and having a baby. nicole seems too busy for paris , so paris had to jump in and start dating benji? nicole’s boyfriends twin brother. paris should get a life of her own and stop trying to but in nicole’s.