Joel McHale Rips on Tyra Banks

Joel McHale of Talk Soup made fun of Tyra Banks for when she and Alicia Keys slammed poetry. It’s pretty funny.

Apparently this made Tyra pretty angry. According to an interview Joel did with Entertainment Weekly, Tyra tried to prevent Talk Soup from showing the clips.

Do you think Tyra needs to lighten up?

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    • Matt

      You know, a joke goes so far. I watch Talk soup, it was amusing at first, but there so much joke someone can take. I wouldn’t like it if I’m the butt of someone’s joke every week.

    • OMG-ANTM

      I think they have the right to tease whoever they want whenever they want. I mean, by having a talk show and being in the limelight so often, she has to know that some jokes at her expense are part of the deal.

    • EasterBuffy

      I would have to agree with OMG. If you’re an entertainer or in the arts, you’d better have a sense of humor about yourself, because if you don’t, others are going to have one for you.

    • Qiana

      I agree with Matt. It’s like, seriously, no other material. Let us miss the Tyra jokes rather than saturating us with them. I was amused at first now it’s like, ok…

    • Serena

      Well if Tyra Banks would stop making a fool of herself, Joel would have nothing to make fun of. She has to know she looks really crazy sometimes and it is hard NOT to make fun of her.

    • Mum’stheword

      Well, as her former assistant….I must say that I ADORE Joel. And not only that, most of the people on staff laugh at the jokes he makes about Tyra! It’s just that half of them are too scared to admit it.
      TRUST ME, she needs someone like him to bring her back to reality every now and then. I have never met someone as self-indulge as her. I used to be a fan…now all I see is a big hypocrite.

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    • bri

      i used to be a fan of tyra, but she has slowly gotten more and more unbearable. if she can’t laugh at herself, that’s her own problem. though i’m pretty sure that if i was paid as well as her, i could afford to laugh at such things.

      btw, it’s called “the soup,” not “talk soup.” and joel mchale is amazing.

    • C.

      I think it’s absurd Tyra tries to stop them using her clips. The Soup’s use of them qualifies very clearly as fair use. If she had a sense of humour about herself, she’d be able to take the joke. But clearly she does not, which proves The Soup’s jibes about her ego all the more true.