Watch Tom Cruise’s Insane Scientology Birthday Party Video

Aww! Now WHY is everyone always ragging on Scientology? They look like they’re having fun, singing some songs, dancing, hailing Xenu, etc. Good clean fun!

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    • brak

      tom cruise freaks me out. He’s just a little too over the top (gun, ha ha no pun intended). What’s with the band playing over the montage of movies he’s made?

      How come they didn’t stick a little “Born on the 4th of July” footage in there?

    • r. james

      Ummmm, what’s the big deal? Looks like a great party….

      Isn’t odd in a country like ours, with all of our freedoms (including freedom of religion), we’re more critical of the off-beat Scientologists than ultra-right wing religions (both Christian and Islam) who claim killing non-believers is righteous.

      Everyone!!! Look at those wacky Scientologists!!! Aren’t they weird??? All that dancing and singing and stuff!!!

      Who cares….

    • Tim Toerson

      r. james <———- SCIENTOLOGIST

      People make fun of Scientology because of their rabid attitude toward debunkers. James, you’re in a cult, pal. You need deprogramming.

    • Fredric L. Rice

      Scientology: The world’s dumbest way to go broke and insane at the same time.