• Wed, Mar 12 2008

Who is Leaving American Idol Tonight?

American Idol will lose one of the Top 12 contestants tonight.  Who do you think it will be?


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  • http://www.buddytv.com/american-idol.aspx PBX

    Cook is def going. I thought her performance was horrible.

  • Gnillob802

    But she’s so pretty. Let’s keep her around.

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  • Regina

    you know I think the fact that she did this horrible version to please Simon had me feeling bad for her.

  • gerald

    ur poll is quite very good as u can see the top 3 or maybe the bottom 3 are there but the results in the show is unpredictable…

  • http://na Cassie

    ok I no that david H. was a “male stripper” and all, but he was an amazing artist!!! (but i luv Cook 2 i admit, the country beetle song wasnt smart but she gave up alot 2 b here and u cant argue w that, and she has a voice!)

  • http://americanidol sarah Patterson

    its too hard to pick im thinking o brooke white, ramile mulbay i know everybody feels like that once in a while and i hope that goes to all of the
    contestants you’ll be all right i’ll support you guys