American Idol 7 Top 12 Performances!

American Idol 7 Top 12

Get ready for the Top 12 performances on American Idol!!!!  What do you think of the new intro???  I loved it!  Woohoo! 

I’m having some audio problems but the new Idol stage is wicked!  It looks more like the one from France’s version called Nouvelle Star.  There’s a mosh pit in front of the stage, sliding opening doors, the band above the stage and a MUCH better light system.  Sweet!

They are opening the Lennon-McCartney song book.  They showed a montage of the most popular former Beatles.  What a successful songwriting duo!  I love Beatles night! 

Performance #1Syesha Mercado

She sang “Got to Get You Into My Life” and she definitely put her own interpretation on it.  I was a bit lost during this performance.  She is a good singer but for the first time, for me, this was less memorable.   Randy said she liked the arrangement and she got into it even though she started rough.  Paula said it was pitchy at the beginning and mid-way through it got better.  Simon thought it was better than alright (like Randy had said) but said that she looked very nervous and was better than last week.  Syesha told Ryan that she likes this stage better than the other one (me too!!!).

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Performance #2 – Chikezie

He sang “She’s a Woman” which is one of their earlier recordings and he did a great job.  In didn’t know he had all that in him!!!!!!  Wow.  It was energetic and fun.  Randy said he was thoroughly entertained and loved the arrangement.  Paula said that the risk paid off.  Simon is really surprised that he agrees with Randy and Paula.  He thought Chikezie was terrific.

Performance #3 – Ramiele Malubay

She sang “In My Life” (one of my faves) and I feel the emotion behind it.  She had some pitchy moments for me but overall it was a good performance.  Randy said it was kind of pretty but also pretty boring.  Paula said that she needs to make better use of her voice and should stop holding back.  Simon said he was bored to tears and it was forgettable.  He expects more from her because she is better than that.

Performance #4 -Jason Castro

He sang “If I Fell” and he accompanied himself on the guitar.   Wow.  It was imperfect but so incredibly touching and, even, sexy.  I enjoyed it.  Randy said he liked it but didn’t love it because of the switches in the melody.  Paula disagrees because she says she feels Jason’s heart and he is truly unique.  Simon said it was quite boring and that it wasn’t as good as last week.

Performance #5 – Carly Smithson

She sang “Come Together” and it was really good.  It sounded a lot like the original even though she said she was going to change it up a it.  Still, the woman can sing!  Randy said he loved how confident and strong she was and said that there was not a note out of tune.  Paula said it felt like she was watching someone who was already a star.  Simon said she chose the right song, finally! 

Performance #6 – David Cook

He sang “Eleanor Rigby” and it started pretty rough for me but the ending was much better.  Too bad because he had such a great week for me last week.  Randy said that he rocked it (but had pitch problems early on).  Paula said he’s a dark horse and is a front man on Idol.  Simon thought it was brilliant and said that David could actually win this entire show.

Performance #7 – Brooke White

She sang “Let It Be” and accompanied herself on the piano.  It started better than it ended for me but that’s just my opinion.  I thought it was good, though.  I like her quirkiness.  Randy said that he loves the fact that she has so much conviction and gave a heartfelt performance.  Paula that this is her niche (having an emotional connection).  Simon thought it was one of the best performances of the night and that it was a brilliant choice of song.

Performance #8 – David Hernandez

He sang “I Saw Her Standing There” and it was… boisterous.  I didn’t dislike it but I definitely didn’t love it.  I actually found it a little cheesy.  Randy said that David overdid it, Paula said that she loves his voice but also felt he overdid it and Simon said it was corny and verged on desperate.

Performance #9 – Amanda Overmyer

She sang “You Can’t Do That” and it was energetic and very much in her style.  I think she did a fairly good job!  Randy said that she rocked the song out and loved it.  Paula said that Amanda is a star and was blown away.  Simon said he didn’t think it was as good as last week but felt she was important to the competition. 

Performance #10 – Michael Johns

He sang “Across the Universe” and I really love this song but I am just finding Michael less memorable by the week.  I like him but I’m not as enthralled with him as I used to be.  Randy said he was waiting for something big but it never happened and that it was a little sleepy.  Paula disagreed and said it takes an inner strength to sit and sing without doing anything else.  Simon agreed with Randy and said it was solid and good but a little bit monotonous.  He also said he is still a big fan but is frustrated that he hasn’t found the right song.

Performance #11 – Kristy Lee Cook

She sang “Eight Days a Week” in a country style and it was not great to me.  This was a gamble that did not pay off for me.  Randy said that he liked the arrangement but was not thrilled with the actual vocals.  Paula said she didn’t get it (wow!).  Simon thought it was horrendous and that she sounded like Dolly Parton on helium.

Performance #12 – David Archuleta

He sang “We Can Work it Out” and my heart just broke when I saw how his nerves affected him tonight.  Anyone who cries about all of his previous “experience” needed to see this performance.  He’s still an amateur, he is still 16 years old and he is still learning how to perform.  Here’s your proof that he deserves to be here.  Randy said it didn’t work for him, Paula Abdul said that everyone loves David and Simon said it was a mess.

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