• Mon, Mar 10 2008

Will Arnett & Mary-Kate Olsen “Sex Tape”

[Update: This post is old. For the lastest on Will Arnett click here. For Mary-Kate Olsen here. And here for info on Arrested Development‘s new season.

Will Arnett made this video for Funnyordie.com wherein a paparazzo pretends to be Mary-Kate Olsen and makes a sex tape with Will. There’s a bit of language in it, so watch with discretion.

Funny? Or no?

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  • Kennedy

    I’d say no. Not funny, at all.

  • kay

    You have to admit, Will Arnett is hilarious.

  • katrin

    wat the helllll

  • sam

    very funny

  • Issah Jesus

    You got me mad on this one. Mary kate olsen is mary magdalene.

  • David

    hey i like that one just keep on haveing sex you will be ok.

  • http://www.thecomeupbmx.net adam22

    i wanna do you

  • Andre

    That is the funniest clip ever! You’re a tool, Kennedy if you think that’s not classic.

  • http://myspace.com Brianna

    hahaha that was funny ..

  • matthew

    rude, vile and over the top repulsive. loved every second.

  • http://markin marcos

    my love the you,, kiss

  • ali

    i love both of you so much

  • ali

    that`s funy haha

  • jesus christ

    I love it, Jesus + mary kate = Hell yeh :)