Tilda Swinton would have turned down Harry Potter

Tilda Swinton, who won an Oscar a couple weeks ago and is also quite possibly one of the creepiest actresses EVER, commented that she doesn’t think much of Harry Potter and would have in fact turned down anything offered in the films:

THERE’S one movie Oscar winner Tilda Swinton would never have considered — a role in Harry Potter. The milky actress, who played the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia, told the April issue of Out magazine: “I’m loath to say anything good about going to boarding school, which is one of the reasons why I’m not a believer in Harry Potter. Because I believe it fetishizes boarding school for children.”


Do you think she’s right?

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    • machapucchure

      Just sour grapes because she wasn’t asked to be a part of it.