• Mon, Mar 10 2008

Tilda Swinton would have turned down Harry Potter

Tilda Swinton, who won an Oscar a couple weeks ago and is also quite possibly one of the creepiest actresses EVER, commented that she doesn’t think much of Harry Potter and would have in fact turned down anything offered in the films:

THERE’S one movie Oscar winner Tilda Swinton would never have considered — a role in Harry Potter. The milky actress, who played the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia, told the April issue of Out magazine: “I’m loath to say anything good about going to boarding school, which is one of the reasons why I’m not a believer in Harry Potter. Because I believe it fetishizes boarding school for children.”


Do you think she’s right?

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  • KayDee

    I think her comment and stance regarding Harry Potter and boarding schools pretentious and irrational, but maybe that’s the very reason she’s such a creepy actress. She’s probably really disgruntled that she’s never been offered a part. (Unless she has been offered a role but turned it down because she believes boarding schools and even portraying them on screen will nurture some undesired fetish in her. Maybe she needs a fetish… Could add to her “creepy” appeal.)

  • Val

    Could this be a way of getting into the news by stating that she doesn’t like Harry Potter?

  • Momo

    I don’t think Swinton needs to do that to get into the news!
    And I support her view on boarding schools.

    -BUT it is a very simple way of disregarding the books, just cause it’s set in a boarding school. Really, there is a lot about Hogwarts that I find absolutely awful (the whole points thing for one thing)
    But that doesn’t stop me from loving the books, because there is far more there. It’s this typical idea that people think just because something is portrayed in a sort of positive way in a book or film, that people will think it is a great idea in real life. That is just underestimating humanity I think. As kid I remember loving books that were set in even old fashioned boarding schools and they were portrayed as a nice place, and I loved playing the stories later but it would have never crossed my mind that I would like to go to a place like that in real life!

    I read another interview with Swinton about half a year ago where she was ranting on about the HP films, that her kids would never want to watch them and she doesn’t like them because they are too flashy and fast or something, and she went on about that they don’t have a tv at home and stuff how her kids are against it all as well. It just sounded to me like she is just one of those people who never really gave Harry Potter a chance and just had a quick look at it and decided it represented something they don’t like, like modern kids movies/boarding schools.

    To be honest I hated the films at first from the look of them, and I do not like boarding schools and I still love the books and the films now! They are giving me something hardly any fiction, no matter how good, has given me before.

  • http://XAoifeX123bebo.com Aoife

    O please, give over like! It’s only a movie..a movie like, it’s not real! It lets us explore our imaginations! It’s brilliant! BEST BOOKS EVER!!

  • BellaSnape

    Ha and some of you fools out there actually wanted her as Narcissa- shes too creepy, Helens obviously the best choice. But I laughed and was like – told ya so peoples.

  • taylor

    momo — you really bother me

  • Momo

    uhm… why, if I may ask?! What have I done to you?

  • elementlvr

    okay, okay, calm down momo. don’t take it personally. i just thought that some of your comments were annoying, not you. you may be a wonderful person who has a lovely personality and donates millions to charity, but some of your comments kinda ticked me off.
    ahem, examples
    1) “To be honest I hated the films at first from the look of them” Dude, disloyality cuts me real deep. how could you hate the films, if you love all that is harry potter?
    2) “there is a lot about Hogwarts that I find absolutely awful (the whole points thing for one thing” What the hell? i can’t name one thing i hate about hogwarts, beside the fact that i never got a letter when I was 11 to come. and why do you hate the point system. that is so random
    3) “and I do not like boarding schools” this was just like way out there. maybe you had some tramatic experience as a child or something at a bording school that i just don’t understand

    but on several other points, momo, I agree with you very strongly. “still love the books and the films now!” yea! you saw the light. another nonbeliever converted! God bless you.

    you still kinda annoy me, but i had fun writing this comment

    vive Xe

  • taylor

    oh right, sorry momo. i wrote to you as Taylor.
    my bad
    Vive Xe

  • hermioneg247

    she’s creepy–even if she would have been asked i’m glad she wouldn’t have taken it.
    Vive XE

  • Momo

    There wasn’t need to “calm down” but you never know how people take something you say so, thanks for explaining.
    Sorry, it bothers you that not everything in Rowling’s world is holy to me. But you know, I don’t think you have to blindly support everything in a story to still like it an awful lot. In fact I would be bored with a perfect universe. And maybe one day you can accept that people have different opinions and that there is not only one right way of doing things. Thanks again for explaining!

  • hermioneg247

    i’m not trying to start a fight or anything but i think taylor/elementlvr knows perfectly well that other people have opinions–but how is there more than one way of doing things with the hogwarts? it would make sense with some other things but i just don’t quite understand the different sides of this…
    VIVE XE!!!!!

  • Momo

    No one wants to start a fight, hopefully. I also did not mean to turn this into a discussion about school systems. That is why I asked Taylor to just accept that I am one of those people who prefers other school systems to boarding schools (without donating millions to charity or having had traumatic experiences, -I mean what is all that about?! –those comments might have given me the impression that she had a problem with accepting other people’s opinions, sorry if I misinterpreted that)

    To clear things up:
    I was not referring to the books, I was talking about reality. As in “if Hogwarts was a real school I would not find this or that a good idea…” that’s all. Of course I do not want to change Hogwarts, because it’s a fictional place and if it wasn’t a boarding school that would pretty much change the whole story and I enjoy the story as it is with point system and all, -because it is fiction and in fiction I do not care if it portrays my idea of perfect children’s pedagogic. It serves the story very well the way it is. That’s all I care about.

    In my original comment I was trying to make the point that you do not have to support all the literal ideas and ways of how things are done at Hogwarts in order to enjoy the story.

    But as it seems, you do have to, at least, to avoid upsetting other fans for example with your vague disagreement with particular education models. I hope I answered your question and did not cause any more misunderstandings and I will just avoid saying anything that is “disloyal” from now on. ;)

  • hermioneg247

    ok– sorry for misunderstanding you momo– i understand what you’re saying now. thank you for clearing that up.
    vive Xe!!

  • taylor

    whoa dude! there is like a serious intellictual debate going on here. sweet! momo and hermioneg247, what a nice surprise to see that you left me a comment.

    okay, down to business. i don’t even remember what on earth we started arguing about in the first place, and im getting of it. here are my last requests before i go on to something else and change my screen name and get an unlisted phone number —

    1) momo, you darling angel, it was very nice of you to take so much time out of your busy scheduel to reply to all my comments. but you are still a totally annoying piece of work. you just tick me off. but by all means (and im serious this time) reply to all my comments and maybe we can get in anoter intellicutal debate –fight.
    2) hermioneg247 you are one sweet hp fan. thank you for rooting for me throught this gruesome battle with the gruesome momo. you totally rock my socks decorated with snitches hand knitted by my favorite house elf. hope you feel better too
    moving on. no hard feelings momo

  • taylor

    vive Xe

  • Momo

    not at all, Taylor.
    You actually got me laughing. xx

  • hermioneg247

    haha taylor i hope u feel better yourself…this fight was all pretty stupid- w/e…
    vive xe!! ~8-D

  • taylor

    aww. hermioneg247, or anyone else, did you hear about the tralier may 16?TOALLY PUMPED!!!!
    vive Xe

  • hermioneg247

    yea– just found out… i’ll be waiting anxiously for the day!!!! awesome!!!!
    vive xe