New Brad Pitt for Alice commercial

Another installment in the Alice commercials featuring Brad Pitt has been released. We’re up to the third one. I understand even less of this one than I did for the first two, but apparently Brad has no idea what they’re saying either. I believe it has something to do with a taxi strike (in the second ad, he requested that they call a taxi for him so he can just leave), but I couldn’t figure out whether it’s a real strike or whether that was the daughter’s crafty way of getting him to stay longer.

You can see the Brad Pitt for Alice commercials here, just scroll down past the pricing plans.

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    • janin

      yep, they made the taxi strike up…. The husband/father offered to drive him, but he got put in place by his wife quickly: “Nein”

    • Aven Joley

      Hi guys!
      Good, I’m first. I just wanted to translate the Alice commercial for you:) I’m checking out your website everyday from Germany, cause you always have all the best news about Brangelina right away! So now, as a thank you for your hard work here, I do something for you:

      Well, the german woman’s daughter tries to convince her mom to make Brad stay with them longer and not just to let him go away so quickly like he’d wish. So the woman tells him, all the taxi drivers in the country are stryking and refused to work. He, of course, doesn’t get what they say to him so he chooses just to smile politely. She keeps blabbering about Alice services and such, and that Alice gives people anything they want, not like the taxi drivers.
      Then the man sitting on the couch in the room, turns around and replies, that he can take Brad wherever he wants to with his car (the man’s car, of course..). But the woman calls back (nervously and scared, that she could loose Brad) :”But, isn’t your car broken, dear?” (Which means their car is totally fine). As you can see it from his face, Brad didn’t get a word from the whole conversation, so he just smiles and points his thumb like “Ok”.

      There you go. Glad, I could help. But I still don’t get if Brad had to stay with that family, until Angie or someone started wondering where he is, or what?!

    • DianaL

      Janin and Aven Joley, thanks so much for translating. Sherry, thanks for bringing them to us.
      Gotta love Brangelina!

    • kim

      Those are good it looks like there are two more. Can’t wait to find out what happens. I wonder if AJ turns up.

    • irma

      Thanks for the lovely translation. I hope, Angie turns up too, somewhere on the last part. That will be awesome.

    • Passerby

      Okay I didn’t get anything at all that time until I read Aven Joley’s translation so thank you Aven Joley.

      LoL Angie turning up would be awesome!!! But I doubt that’ll happen.

    • Sherry

      I doubt that Angelina would be in the ad, but if she did it would be funny if she walked in and spoke to the family in perfect Dutch (is it Dutch? I thought it was German but someone else said Dutch) and then swept him out of there while they all stare after her in shock for her language skills. :)

    • angela

      sherry, i love your commercial! really. lol!

    • BlessBrangelina

      Thanks for the third installation,Sherry.

    • Simone

      It’s German, not Dutch. It’s really a silly spot, but Brad is yummieyummie.

    • Heidi

      The only thing that your other commenter left out is what the mom says that the end… “Oh, are you ever sweet/cute.” That’s what made me smile. :-)

      They are pretty dumb commercials but a step up from the commercials I remember when I was in Germany last (10 years ago).

    • isacutie

      Thanks for the info, Sherry, and thanks Aven and Janin for the translation. Funny!!!

    • Lucy

      Can someone post the link? I cannot find the pricing plan when I scrolled down.

    • just me

      Lucy, just hit highlighted ” another installment” and it will take you to the Alice website. Just scroll and see the videos lined up. Click on the third one.

    • Lucy

      Thanks “just me” I finally found it. And thanks everybody also for the translation. I did not realize that they used the same family for the third commercial. When I was in Europe last year, I saw George Clooney’s commercial on coffee. Too bad they don’t run these spots here in the U.S.

    • me

      its not german its nederlands(dutch), i know cause im from holland myself.

    • Marcel

      Hey guys,

      it is german, not dutch. It is a commercial about a german phone/internet provider.

      Greetings from Germany….
      Marcel :)