Brad Pitt All Cleaned Up For Tree of Life

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and all the Jolie-Pitt kids have been in Texas for a couple of days now. Brad is there to film his new movie, Tree of Life with Sean Penn. The family is apparently in Bastrop County, and according to a local paper write-up, some people think they even saw Angelina in Wal-Mart. People love so much when they can identify with celebrities who lead a far more glamorous life than we do, so the thought of her in a store like Wal-Mart makes people think, “hey, she’s not so different after all!”

Then again, I wouldn’t want the glamor if it came with all those cameras!

Speaking of cameras, check out Brad Pitt’s fresh hair cut and clean-shaven face as he gets ready for filming. He still looks great of course, but I think I miss the shaggy hair and the scruff. But this will do just fine!

There’s not much to say about the movie yet – IMDB has it listed as still being in pre-production and only mentions Brad Pitt and Sean Penn as co-stars. They don’t even have a synopsis up yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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    • paul


    • sai
    • kim

      Not that I believe every thing msn says because I have seen them be wrong before, but it is still a good little tidbit about them. I love the quote – “They didn’t exactly plan this pregnancy, but they wanted more children and Brad says Angelina was very willing to have them herself.”
      Well I guess so who wouldn’t be “willing” with Brad in bed with you. lol.

    • Janie

      Just as a bit of information, the above is originally from the British Tabloid, the Daily Mail. It might very well be true, but the other British Tabloid, The Sun has them having a single child in France. MSN and MSNBC are known to quote tabloids like they are for real. The source is “a friend” not Brad himself.

      Again, it could be true, but not until it comes from Brad or Angelina or his publicist, we should take it all with a grain of “tabloid” salt.

    • mysmichelle

      That msn article quotes the daily mail, not a reliable source and the quote taken out of context could actually mean they are having one and adopting one? I’m just skeptical about the twin thing unless they are just having a natural twin birth because I don’t think they would be on fertility treatments, they seem plenty fertile

    • irma

      He looks so fine. I prefer Brad in clean shaven & with military cut hair. I want to see Ange again with her big baby bump. She looks so beautiful when she is pregnant. God bless them.

    • PINKY JP

      Hello Sherry and JPlovers…lovely morning to all.

      Any ‘do will do for Brad because he’s loved by Angie and he’s assured that Angie will still do him LOL

      Have an equally handsome day y’all :)

    • mélodie

      they are a so beautifull family. nice week end to everybody!

      i’ll miss you and too the news of the JP!!!!! see you on wednesday (i go to diseyland paris with my boyfriend for the weekend…)

    • irma

      melodie, enjoy your vacation to Disneyland Paris. My daughter loved Paris. I plan to go there too next year with my husband.
      How about visiting DisneyWorld in Orlando? I’m sure you will love it too. I hope, the Jolie-Pitt’s can visit Orlando too with their kids, so many theme parks to go to. They will love it in Florida. I will be back to work tomorrow, my vacation comes to an end. See you melodie when you come back.Maybe, we will have more news about the Jolie-Pitt’s in Texas. Peace & blessings.

    • Passerby

      I agree with Irma guys with military cut hair are so hot!! Especially when its Brad!! Justjared has some great pics. And Brad looks so young for a person in his forties.

    • angela

      i love the jolie – pitt kids equally but i like the fact that they prefer to have biological baby as an additional member of the family this time.

      and oh, brad looks hot, hot, hot!

    • BlessBrangelina

      He looks wonderful.

      That military cut is kinda working, maybe when we get to him in uniform too, it will put it into perspective.

      The Daily Mail nad Sun are NOT reliable sources. MSN/MSNBC are worst than these publications by quoting them. Shame on them and ABC.

    • isacutie

      Doesn’t our man Brad look younger in that haircut. And a movie with him and Sean Penn! Now that’s one movie I’m looking forward to seeing.

    • angela

      sherry, have you read the article about this radio broadcaster who praised angelina’s article in washington post? it’s nice to read. here’s the link…

    • Jill

      “The thought of her in a store like Wal-Mart makes people think, “Hey, she’s not so different after all!”…………………………..

      Well shock horror, these celebrities still fart, wee & poo AND if that doesn’t bring then down to the same level as us “mere mortals” than nothing will.


    • Aven Joley

      I won’t believe a word from msn or anything (ok, maybe People), until the baby’s born. Don’t you guys remember the time before Shiloh was born? There were plenty articles about Angelina having a boy, (also) twins or about Angie & Brad naming their baby William ! I’ve also seen one that said, they were planning to welcome the kid in France. I guess, this time, after the 4th child of Brangelina’s tabloids have simply ran out of new ideas…

      ( But still, I would love it if the baby came to the world in France! I live in Germany, right at the french border, so that would be really close! lol
      But New Orleans would be perfect, too! The Jolie-Pitts love the town! )

    • Aven Joley

      P.S. No need to wonder about the time I’m leaving comments..(5:21am) It’s 12:25 in the morning here, and the sun’s shining brightly! lol lol lol

    • irma

      No new pictures yet of the beautiful family, I mean the whole family. It’s nice to see Brad have his haircut, he looks so young, I like his haircut too at Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie. God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s.

    • Gena

      From JJB post:
      almost met Brad PittFebruary 28, 2008 in FUN IN MY DAY, JAKE

      This may be a long post, but I promise if you read the whole thing, you’ll be like “no way”.
      Last week, I received this email from my friend Debbie from church:
      This is a job opportunity for Jake if you can send a photo to the address below or if you want to send it to me i can do it. this would be around Austin but i would go with you if you want me to. this is a big film with brad pitt.

      An independent feature is looking for infants and expectant mothers for
      a late February shoot.
      * Infants between 2 days and 10 days (born between Feb 14 and Feb 24)
      * Infants 1 month old (born around Feb 1)
      * 1-yr old boys with brown or blonde hair
      * 2-yr old boys with brown or blonde hair
      * Expectant mothers around 7-8 months
      Infants and parents will be needed between 3-6 hrs. There will be a
      comfortable resting area available off set.
      I was like “what?” Brad Pitt? My kid in a movie? Yeah right. So what did I do? I sent in two pics of Jake to the casting director, that’s what I did (thanks Bush, I sent in one of your pics . I thought, there is NO WAY he would get the part. However, complete strangers always tell me that he could be in magazines, commercials, etc. And I am NOT a crazy psycho showbiz mom type. Anyways…
      The next day, I received a call from the casting director, and she said that they wanted to use him. There were going to be several other little kids that they would be using as extras and they would do different shoots to see which shots/kids they wanted to use. They would be shooting this movie in Smithville, where Hope Floats was filmed (about 2 1/2 hours away from us), and it would only be a day trip. He’d even get paid (not much, but it covered gas).
      So, since my friend Debbie said she’d go too, I said ok. Debbie has a daughter in college and a son in high school, and they have both done a lot of acting, so I felt comfortable taking her with me. I thought, why not? I don’t have anything better to do, and it could be fun to be on a movie set. We honestly didn’t even think Brad Pitt would be there yet since it was the first day of shooting. I also thought that there would be like 50 little kids Jake’s age or something like that.
      We loaded up and left Houston at 7 yesterday morning to make our 10am call time, and when we got there, we got the scoop. It was crazy. Lots of security because guess what….Brad Pitt really WAS there! There were several infants, a few one year olds, and only one other 2 year old besides Jake. Jake and the other 2 year old were set to play a 2-year-old version of one of Brad Pitt’s sons (during a flashback scene) in the movie! They often have a few of each age group in case one kid doesn’t cooperate or gets tired, etc. And they can shoot them differently for different scenes. I swear, Jake and this other kid looked like they could be brothers.
      So we wait and wait, and they take the other kid to wardrobe and to shoot first. It turns out that all of these kids had scenes with Brad Pitt. He meets the families, holds the kid, plays with the kid, etc. And all of these parents were coming back from their shoot talking about how they met BP and yadayada. So we are still waiting (that’s the name of the game when you are doing something like this). They kept telling us they were going to use Jake, but 6 hours later (which is the limit on being able to work a child this young), they ended up not needing him! They had gotten sufficient shots with the other kid. Man.
      Needless to say, we were super disappointed. I knew this could happen, but once we got there, it just seemed like it would work out. But that’s what happens in this business. Especially when you are an extra. So we didn’t get to meet BP, but I saw him from a distance ” class=”wp-smiley”> And it was pretty cool that Jake was chosen out of a ton of kids to be cast in this movie. It was truly a once in a lifetime thing since they were filming so close to Houston.
      Oh well. It was a rough day with wrangling a 2 year old for 6 hours, but at least we went and tried. I wouldn’t say that it was “fun”. But it was an adventure and probably worked out for the best. Who knows? There may have been something in the movie that would have made me ashamed for Jake to be a part of it. The plot has been kept really secret for some reason. The film is called Tree of Life and opens next year, starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. It is written and directed by the same dude that did “The New World” with Colin Farrell, and Heath Ledger was originally supposed to play the lead role. I was told that it is a coming-of-age film and that it would have a family rating. That is the only reason I agreed to do it. If it was rated R, no way. Still, we all know that PG-13 stuff can be edgy. So, we’ll see when it comes out. It will be really crazy to watch it and recognize all of the kids that we saw at the shoot.
      And that’s how I ALMOST met Brad Pitt (everyone said he was really nice….by the way….but I’m not bitter….nope).

    • Gena

      From “JJ”
      julia @ 02/29/2008 at 11:01 am You cannot believe what occured today…
      Last week a mother of a fellow kindergartener called to tell me about a casting call that she was looking at for her toddler son. A major motion picture is filming outside of town and needed babies, toddlers, and an expectant mother – small frame, light skin, about 8 months along. I called the casting director and emailed her pics of my belly last Friday. Saturday she called me to tell me that they cast me in the part! Yay, I thought … assuming that they would have shots of my pregnant belly as the “stand in” for the actress. I have been hearing rumors about who was cast in the movie, but didn’t think they were slated to start shooting until March.

      My shot was today – I arrived in Smithville at 9:30 am, filled out some paperwork, and ate a danish. They drove me to the set in a van and the Producer went over the shot with me. I wore my lowest pants so that they wouldn’t have to be removed to get a full belly shot … and he said just holding up my shirt to the bra line was fine – so no wardrobe was needed. He went over what the shot entailed ~ the “actor” would be caressing my stomach, putting his head on my stomach, and possibly kissing it ~ and wanted to know if I would be okay with that. I said “SURE” … whatever … I wasn’t uptight about any of that (plus I think I look pretty good for a giant preggers and have no shame in baring it all). He then said, “um, do you know who the “actor” is? I said no. He said…….

      “it’s Brad. BRAD PITT.”

      FREAKIN’ BRAD PITT WAS THE FATHER OF MY UNBORN BABY TODAY!!!!! He rubbed my belly, pressed his face to my belly, stared tenderly at my belly, and when Griffin kicked the crap out of him, smiled HUGELY and said “that’s so beautiful”. BRAD PITT THINKS IM BEAUTIFUL. Oh my God, I cannot stop smiling. I’m just on Cloud 9. Can you believe??????????????????????????????????????????? He spent 20 minutes about an inch away from all my sexual organs, lovingly rubbing my unborn child. Talk about a perfect day.