Brad Pitt All Cleaned Up For Tree of Life

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and all the Jolie-Pitt kids have been in Texas for a couple of days now. Brad is there to film his new movie, Tree of Life with Sean Penn. The family is apparently in Bastrop County, and according to a local paper write-up, some people think they even saw Angelina in Wal-Mart. People love so much when they can identify with celebrities who lead a far more glamorous life than we do, so the thought of her in a store like Wal-Mart makes people think, “hey, she’s not so different after all!”

Then again, I wouldn’t want the glamor if it came with all those cameras!

Speaking of cameras, check out Brad Pitt’s fresh hair cut and clean-shaven face as he gets ready for filming. He still looks great of course, but I think I miss the shaggy hair and the scruff. But this will do just fine!

There’s not much to say about the movie yet – IMDB has it listed as still being in pre-production and only mentions Brad Pitt and Sean Penn as co-stars. They don’t even have a synopsis up yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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    • Bee

      Hi Gena,
      wow what a long post ;D But very interessting to read. I think it must have been an interessting experience despite the long waiting? I have been only on set of small films and have done some camera handling my self so it must be amazing to see the set and everything, and of course to see superdaddy Brad (doesnt matter from fare or near as long as to see him in real ;))… How was waiting there, did they have some food or toys for you? Did you take some pics? Would you like trying to get another role for him?
      Sorry for the questions. I dont want to bother you, Im just curious :)

    • Aven Joley

      Yeah, Gena, Bee’s right. Tell us how a set of a big hollyood-movie looks like !

    • Lucy

      Gena and all JP fans, I read at JustJared about the pregnant lady who was chosen as an extra for this film too. She was a very lucky lady. Thanks for this thread Sherry.

    • Matilda

      Aven Joley, I’m right there with you! Remember when the tabloids had Brad and Angelina naming their baby “Africa” in honor of its birthplace? There were also multiple sources stating twins back then.

      I was looking back through old magazines the other day and saw one from a few months ago which had the “inside scoop” on Christina Aguilera and Nicole Ritchie’s babies (this was before they were born). It made me laugh, because for Nicole’s baby the byline was “It’s a BOY!” and for Christina’s they said “It’s a GIRL!” Guess what, they were wrong on both counts. They had a 50% chance of guessing right and still managed to get it wrong. That’s the tabloids for you, lol. Just shooting in the dark.

    • http://http// moggy

      yes, for sure it’s going to a good looking baby not matter if it’s a boy or girl…and I like the cleaned up Brad

    • Pamgela texas

      I was reading a post about the movie Tree of Life that Malick was trying to produce in the 70′s but he had a falling out with Paramount – at the time it was about a Minotaur (dinosaur) who is dreaming about evolution under this tree and it goes into many generations or something like that. NOt much info but at least a little bit.

      Here’s what it said at

      Tree of Life sprang from a project Malick was working on in the late 1970s, called Q, which was reportedly going to combine drama set in World War I with a prehistoric sequence featuring a Minotaur sleeping in the water and dreaming about evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to the present day. The Minotaur scene originally just served as the prologue, but eventually took up life of its own and became the whole script. The project fell apart after a series of disagreements between Malick and Paramount in 1979, the year when the director left to France and stayed there for two decades.

    • irma

      gena, your friend is one lucky lady to see Brad even from a distance, I will be happy too just to see a glimpse of him & Angie. I hope, the whole family are enjoying Texas, it can be hot & humid in Texas during Summer. God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s.

    • irma

      One fan post a link of a video footage of Brad in Texas. He was also seen talking to a group of men & then he even sit down & talked to the little boy & touch his head. He shows how his heart is into fatherhood. God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s.

    • angela

      wow. i envy the mother and jake so much. lol!
      i wonder if angie will visit brad on the set like she did with shiloh before?!

    • irma

      I’m sure Angie will visit Brad on the set. I hope, we get new pictures tomorrow or the next day. Hi to all the fans. Goodnight.

    • Neela

      The cut makes him look young. I’m not fond of it, but he still looks very good :)

    • BradPittWantsMe

      Clean shaven is Brad at his very best. His face is WAY too pretty to hide under any beard. And, I think it is AWESOME how he and Angelina always accompany each other to the areas where they are filming. That shows they are committed to each other and their relationship. When he was married to Jennifer they always filmed apart and slowly grew more & more apart. I’m really happy to see how close Brangelina is, although I always feel badly for Jennifer Aniston – I wish she could find true love and have that baby she wants.

    • Debo

      Brad and Angie will love Texas. The weather has been beautiful, the people are friendly and they will keep their distance and not be intrusive. Austin, San Antonio, Houston & Dallas are used to celebrities being around and are respectful of their space. The summers are no worse than New Orleans. There is nothing more hot and humid than New Orleans.
      How do you find out about calls for extras???

    • mia


    • J

      They are filming Tree of life in Matagorda, TX now (that’s about 70 miles south of Houston). They did casting calls for extras for Tuesday and Wednesday. They were looking for people with “weathered faces” and it’s being filmed at our beach for a “dream” segment.

    • Jordan

      I am in this movie! seriously! I am singing amazing grace in it…idk if they are keeping it in the film but i am in it! we took about 50 THOUSAND takes of the scene…but it was fun! Brad pitt isn’t a big douche, he is a down-to-earth guy really cool, signed my forehead….lol not really. anyway don’t listen to anything the tabloids say about them…while we were halfway through shooting the film a tabloid said that brad and Angelina were in france and she collapsed or something like that…and they havn’t even left texas…maybe a few times to go to l.a…but thats it..

    • Teresa Schultz

      Lol! I’m doing research on the Tree of Life coconut palm tree to write an article for a client, and plenty of Brad Pitt is coming up in my searches – then again, perhaps using coconut oil from what is known as the Tree of Life helped him come up with his younger, cleaner look for the movie of the same name?