All My Children Alumni’s : Kelly Ripa and Eva La Rue

Kelly Ripa and Eva La Rue were two of my favorite actresses on Daytime Soaps. Well when they were still there of course. I still love them and will always love them and will always wish for both to come back. Maybe for a visit to All My Children for like a week.

Interestingly enough they played sister-in-laws in All My Children. Before Kelly Ripa started sparring with Regis on Live With Regis and Kelly she was the wild, disturbed, alcoholic and eventually mature normal Haley Vaughn Chandler Santos. While Eva La Rue was Maria Santos Grey /Maureen Gorman before she even stated talking DNA’s, and all those scientific jargons on CSI Miami.

Haley Vaughn was the naughty chic with a lot of baggage way before Greenlee, Kendall, Babe or Amanda showed up. Having evil-Adam and slutty/alcoholic Arlene as parents does that to a girl I guess..LOL. She is half of the super couple in Pine Valley. Way before Kendall and Zach, Leo and Greenlee, Ryan and Greenlee, and Ryan and Annie even existed. Haley and Mateo, they lit up the screen like fireworks. Haley met Mateo at the beach when Haley got cold feet and decided she didn’t want to marry Alec after all.




And as most of us know, that Haley and Mateo magic robbed on both Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos because the year after they met, they eloped to Las Vegas. 11 years and 3 children later, they’re still hot as ever. Haley Santos had a talk show on Pine Valley, The Wave. When Kelly and Mark decided to leave the Soaps in 2000, the exit story was Haley’s talk show was going to be syndicated. In order to do that they had to move to LA. She, Mateo and their son Enzo. Next thing you know, Kelly Ripa is stealing everybody’s hearts every morning with Regis and once in a while calling in The View to chastise Rosie O’Donnell for accusing her of being homophobic. I loved that episode. I love Rosie to bits too but damn I loved Kelly even more after that phone call. “…. You should know better Rosie“. Uh huh :)


Eva La Rue‘s role on CSI Miami is probably not that hard for her since she used to play a neurologist on All My Children. I’m guessing her role as Dr. Maria Santos Grey prepared her for those medical terms :) . Maria Santos Grey went through a lot but there was one thing she really fought hard for and that’s her love for Edmund Grey. They got married, they were a super couple too. Their storylines covered adoption, infidelity, marriage counseling, exes, Erica Kane, death and amnesia.


When Maria finally got pregnant with her own child, DNA switcharoo happened so everyone thought Maddie was Edmund’s brother’s daughter. Until that plane crash when she found out Maddie is Edmund’s child. Except Maria didn’t make it to tell her husband. For years, she was dead. All the while, David Hayward was keeping her and calling her Maureen Gorman. Long story short, she eventually got her memory back. But of course, Maureen’s past came back to haunt her aka Zach Slater. Edmund eventually let jealousy and obsession with her poison their lives. After all that fight for their love Edmund ended up dead. Maria’s heart was broken and her kids didn’t help either. But all’s well that ends well. Maria decided to uproot her family for a fresh start. They moved to California where her brother Mateo and wife Haley are living now.

CSI Miami is actually my favorite CSI show out of all the CSI’s. I was so happy when one night Eva La Rue showed up on my Monday night viewing of Horatio :)

Every time my soaps favorites leave to pursue other endeavors outside Daytime, I cross my fingers and hope they really make it. Daytime Actors are underrated in this industry. They’re the most talented actors but unfortunately, only a few really make it to the big time. Showbiz, right?

Anyhooooo, Hope you guys enjoyed this looooooooooong trivia. Maybe we’ll see Maria and Haley visit Julia in Pine Valley one day. I mean they have a niece they need to spend time with. But with Sydney Penny‘s lack of airtime lately, it looks like Julia(and Kathy) will be joining her sister and sister-in-law in California soon. Ayayay!

Keep track of Kelly Ripa at Daytime Talk and Eva La Rue at CSI Fanatic.

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    • mare

      My favorite Haley moments were with Uncle Trevor and her beau Brian. They were so young and in love. Here’s a funny, the actor who portrayed Brian’s real name is Matteo!

      I loved Sydney Penny when she was on Santa Barbara, probably because she was paired off with Jack Wagner (GH connection)! She was also on The New Gidget and 90210 which I loved too.

    • chiny

      Love your blog. I am a Kelly fan, so I am glad you posted this.

      I also know you are a Johnny Zacchara fan (as am I). So I wanted to share this BB interview clip with you, just in case you have not seen it: