Nicole Kidman Drinking While Pregnant Rumor

There was a nasty rumor going around that Tom Cruise’s ex wife Nicole Kidman was drinking at the Oscars.  This of course would be horrible if it were true considering she’s pregnant.

Nicole’s reps deny the rumors and are shocked at the allegations:

“Nicole Kidman most certainly did NOT drink white wine or any other alcoholic beverage backstage. She had water and lemon zinger tea,” Source

Thank goodness! 

Here’s a link to some literature on why drinking while you’re pregnant is a horrible thing.  Be safe people!

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    • toledo fan

      lots going on here lately! I am going to change my ID from Toledo Fan to Toledo- I got to thinking- I’m sure NOT a fan- so-o-o

    • toledo fan

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      Toledo: When you log in, go to the tab and you are able to change your “name” right there. Make sure to save your changes.

      I just saw the movie Indecent Proposal where a young Demi Moore is lured into the life of a billionaire (Robert Redford) for one night for one million dollars (even though she’s married, yes I know this is only a movie).

      But obviously there are women (and men) who will go with someone for the money, advancement in their career, for a movie part. And then there are people that won’t sell themselves that way. I think for the first group, the luxurious setting, security of money in the bank, etc. is too intoxicating to resist.