Wishing J-Lo Well

Jenny from the Block is getting well wishes from many family and friends on the birth of her twins. People reports that Leah Remini made a visit on Friday. Remini has been pals with J-Lo for quite a while, and even said she was a “born mom.” (Awwww…. good friends make it all worthwhile, don’t they?)

Of course Jen’s sister Lynda Lopez came to say hi to her new niece and nephew as well.

Paula Abdul gave her congrats, saying J-Lo was “so maternal by nature.” She should know. Remember when J-Lo was on American Idol and was so great with those kids? I mean, she gave Sanjaya the confidence to do one of his best nights ever. That’s saying something!

Jennifer’s ex Diddy (Sean “Diddy” Combs) is sending her some baby clothes from his Sean John clothing line. I know she’s happy with Marc, but her and Diddy have so much in common (in terms of fashion and music) that it makes ya wonder what a J-Lo/P.Diddy kid would look like. Want another thing they now have in common?

Twins, of course.

Diddy is the father of twins as well. His advice? “It’s double the love, and it’s also double the crying and the screaming, so it’s a unique blessed situation. It’s a rarity to have twins.” He also said J-Lo will do just fine being a mommy.

As if we had any doubt!

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