• Fri, Feb 22 2008

The View Talks About the "N" Word

The View _N_ WordThe ladies on The View talked about how the “n” word was bleeped on the show which upset Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi always gets fired up but she was extra passionate about this issue.  She had some arguments for why the word should not be bleeped.  It is a uncomfortable topic, for sure, but I think I understand what Whoopi was saying.

Watch the discussion:

Now that you have seen the discussion, what do you think???


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  • rick jackme

    Ta Neil,its niggers like you that are screwing up the world,period.you come here and call “white folks” whatever the hell you want and accuse all of us of being white supremist racist and childish but it looks liek your the one thats doing all the crying and whining.grow up,get a life,earn a living like all the rest of us.you don’t want to be treated equal,you want to be treated special and frankly,thats will never happen.why don’t you come and teach me.

  • katisha

    Ta Neil you really need to learn how to chill,your the one showing their true color from behind a computer screen.I’ve got white friends as well as black friends and truthfully,your the real problem in dealing with racism in modern America.Your ranting and ravings only cement,to the whites, that their is no hope of ever having racial harmony.Woopie was wrong,period,she only baited Hasselback in hopes of getting her to say “nigger” but hasselbeck was too smart.the producers of the view should have fired whoopie during the commercial break for her inappropiate behavior.sherry was almost as bad when she tried to dictate what a person can and can not say.This is America and their is such a thing as freedom of speach.go ahead Ta Neil,I’m sure your about to burst at the thought of calling me an Uncle Tom but I don’t really care.I have my own views about what is right or wrong and you have yours so guess what,we live in america and if your so disgruntal with living in America go back to Africa but i assure you I’m staying right here in “good ole America”!

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