• Wed, Feb 20 2008

The Truth About JoJo and "Hannah Montana" TV Series


I haven’t heard much from JoJo in quite some time. Well, she’s speaking out now!

JoJo recently voiced her frustration about something that is in her Wikipedia bio that is completely inaccurate. Apparently is says that she turned down the roll of Hannah Montana. You know, the role that has made Miley Cyrus a millionaire and household name.

JoJo wants to set the record straight once and for all.

This is not true,” JoJo told on her MySpace page. “I was not interested in doing a television show like that because I did not want to be that kind of artist. I am more concerned with being a legitimate artist – not one created for the captive tween audience from a television show.

They were going to use the same formula that they did with Hillary Duff and her show, and I did not want to be a manufactured artist. I wanted to do it on my own; the old fashioned way; with talent, determination, and hard work, and without a television show, which is fed to the tween masses. This is the same reason I have turned down every reality show that has been offered to me, since I signed my record deal. For me, it is about integrity.

There was also supposedly a rumor going around that she and Joe Jonas were dating. JoJo says, ““No, we are not dating,” she insists. “We have been just friends for a couple years.”

So, what do you think? Was it a mistake for her to turn down the role of Hannah Montana? Wow, I can’t imagine turning down something like that and then seeing what it has done for Miley Cyrus. I don’t think there is anything manufactured about Miley. I think the Hannah Montana series was a stepping stone for Miley’s career and that we will be seeing a lot of her for a long time. And what does staring as Hannah Montana have to do with integrity? Pft.

Also, Hilary Duff has managed to step away from the Disney brand don’t you think? Okay, I’ll step down from my soap box now. :D

via TeenScoop

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  • Lisa

    Ha, JoJo is clearly jealous that Miley Cyrus is now a household name & no one will forget her..while JoJo is a forgettable star. She’s a liar: she’s not poor. I know people who went to school with her, and she was pretty rich. She had a big house, lots of money, and she was a brat. I know people who said she went around saying how she was going to be famous and she didn’t need to be friends with low-lives and people who weren’t ‘celebrities’. So JoJo is one big lie, and I love Miley Cyrus but JoJo..not so much!

  • joany

    hannah montana is indeed just a manufactured doll. i completely agree with jojo and her quote. what difference does it make that miley cyrus is rich when she’s just known for singing because of a tv show rather than actual talent? why would she be jealous?
    and have you considered that maybe because of SOCIETY’s influence she had to be a “brat” and maybe some people might say she was a bit of a brat for saying her dreams out loud, but hey she reached them. tell me how many people reach high dreams like hers everyday. she has talent and the fact that she accomplished so much is what counts. she might’ve been stuck up but so what, look where she is now.
    being a “household name” isn’t necessarily a good thing. aren’t britney spears and michael jackson both put into that category?

  • niL

    hey joany, be careful with what you say about MJ..
    putting him in the same category as britney is really insulting.. although i am also a britney fan.. but MJ was never guilty of anything the media ever accused him to be.. except for fixing his nose and fairing out his skin.. he wasn’t a paedophile or anything.. he was proud to be black for that matter.. just don’t mess with MJ’s name.. especially now that he’ already resting in peace..
    as for miley cyrus.. she has talent.. why do people keep on denying her that? i’m not a miley fan, but i see what she can do.. jojo IS a better artist, but i earnestly believe that it was a poor choice to turn down the hannah montana role. miley DID use hannah montana as a huge stepping stone, and now she’s trying to step away from that and making her own name. jojo just failed to keep an open mind, that opportunities like these don’t come in gold wrapping paper.. i believe she over estimated herself. miley is doing great. and she should thank jojo for being stuck up

  • miley fan

    I cant belive it shr is so dumb that she reject such abig role come on miley is a millionary breakout and the time of our lives is all because of the inpiration of hannah montana but you know now she is not so know i did not even know that taylor swift was older than her now jojo is a loser and complete unkonwn that wat she gets. For rejecting such a big role…….TBW miley cyrus is tge best i would hated hannah montana if it was not her because i was not a huge fan at the beggining it was mosty in febuary 24 2008 when i was miley cyrus biggest fan

    • Gabriel Benton

      first of all Jojo is not dumb at all, and still has a lot of success as a singer/actress if you don’t believe me check her latest studio album Jumping trains set to come out soon! she’s way more talented than Miley Cyrus despite Miley’s profits and made without a TV show so stop hating.

  • Pegasus

    Well, to me what Miley fan said is a lie that she is a loser and a complete stranger and the other things that others said miley is better than Jojo, Jojo is better than Miley Cyrus. Not if it’s true that she wants to be a singer who is known for his songs and his achievements, but rather is recognized THROUGH televison program like Miley Cyrus with a TV show became a singer. You have to respect his decision is not whether its decision was correct.

  • Girl with a opinion

    I mean I don’t think she was stupid I think she was thinking about her career honestly and everybody is looking at a money issue… its like jojo made her dreams come true and she’s staying true to them. I agree with the quote she said..esp for her you see the music she’s doing its like real pop/soul/rnb but if you go on disney channel you basically get stripped of all that and have to do kiddie songs and you lose your adult audiences, jojo has an audience from every age group. And when you in disney channel its very hard to branch off from that because you have such a huge kids fanbase now your movie roles or other roles you `re offered is never anything serious. Nobody will take your music seriously and will be skeptical about giving you serious roles in movies because of the image you have to uphold for these kids fans, you don’t wanna be stuck in a kid image your whole life…[i.e Raven Symone] I like her and she’s really talented but she has yet to actually obtain a more serious role…

  • muhannad

    who ever says that miley is better can kiss my a**!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eline

    but did jojo go to an audition??

  • Allison

    Haha you guys are ridiculous! Miley Cyrus is definitely a manufatured singer, she’s just another disney product! A kid gets a show and the magically become singer. Jojo can actually SING and doesn’t need to be noticed on childrens tv. She is also NOT a brat! Jojo isn’t jealous of Miley Cyrus either, at least jojo knows who she is and doesn’t have an identity crisis, i mean which one is she Miley or Hannah! Pshh are you kidding me, Jojo is way classier then miley cyrus and she actually has a career


  • Heather

    wow, i wonder what it would have been like had jojo accepted the role of hannah montana… miley would probably still be unknown to this day, or might be trying to make it as a singer. I don’t really want to pick sides because they are both very talented and it shows as they mature. Stop hating on jojo and miley and just let it go, they’re both great. ^_^

  • Grazy

    Hey!!! Don´t Hate JOJO and Miley![2]

    Both are very talented!
    I LOVE JOJO! She is everything to me!
    And also I love Miley!
    Ok, if JOJO did not accept the role, very good!
    If Miley got, even better for her! = D

    After all, who make our choices we are even!
    If she did not want, she explained his grounds!!

    No matter what time it cost a day JOJO will make as successful as Miley is doing now! While many people know it already =D

    I love you Forever JOJO!
    Brazilian Fan ;D

  • Tea

    Disney stars are essentially manufactured. JoJo wasn’t hating on Miley, she was just explaining her choice to stay true to herself and her art. Disney probably would not have let JoJo express herself the way she would have wanted, and I guess to JoJo that’s more important than getting more money and kid Disney fans.

  • Christina

    ummmm. jojo is not jealous. she just does not want to be a LITTLE KID ICON. she was her audience to be more mature. and she does not want to get trapped like hilray duff. where did she go…. n miley cyurs now. she looks out of control and the media is talking about she is a bad influence on the kids. while all she’s doing is being a teenager. but i guess thats what its does to you…i personally wouldnt take the offer. im to mature for that.

  • Lordi Fan

    So what if Jojo turned down the role of Hannah Montana?

    And so what is she’s a brat?

    At the end of the day, Miley Cyrus has become a sellout, she’d probably take photos of herself in the shower and ‘accidentally’ publish them onto the internet for a bit more fame,

    I think Jojo made the right move turning it down, because of the intense pressure that is put on child stars who become TV stars after making it big in the music industry. Jojo has her looks, and she has her voice, she doesn’t need TV as well.

    I’m not exactly Jojo’s biggest fan, but I do think she made a very smart decision not becoming Hannah Montana, because if she did, her music wouldn’t be her own anymore. People would look at her and say ‘LOOK IT’S HANNAH MONTANA, SHE’S ON TV!’ Not, ‘Look it’s Jojo! She made herself a career with that song, Leave [Get Out]!’

    Well done Jojo :]

  • Rosette

    I’m proud of Jojo for turning the role down ! !
    Disney fans have ALOT of haters and TOO many little kid fans .

    No , you idiots she isn’t jealous of Miley for her so called “fame” .
    Miley got her role b/c of her dad .
    Disney wanted Jojo , Miley wanted Hannah , but auditioned for Lily .
    So Miley went to her dad and her dad went to Disney && said if she’s not in it , he’s not in it .
    And Disney really wanted Billy Ray

    Plus what REAL artist wants to be labeled as a Disney Star for life ?
    It’s one thing to be feat. in an ep. but it’s a whole diff. thing to actually be the main character .
    The side characters tend to be less in the medias attention , so they can shy away from Disney easier than main characters b/c the media have ALOT more focus on mains .
    Which is sometimes a good thing .

  • momo

    Actually l’m glad that she turned it down, cause her attitude and behaviour don’t fall in the roll of hannah montana. Every time i see her in movies or shows i can tell that she’s really uncomfortable with being goofy and her face and thinking were already to mature for hannah montana ( i say this cause of her music, it was different from other 13 year olds, which is why i find it hard that she was that young when she started singing).

    So JOJO you did a good thing by turning it down or what every the truth behind the casting of hannah montana

  • Corrinne

    I completely disagree with this writer. Integrity has everything to do with it. She wants it to be about her music, and not be some teeny bopper idol. I would have done the same thing as Jojo, honestly. And I wouldn’t have regretted it. Miley has NO musical cred, at all. She might have that certain star quality that makes her interesting to people, but she has no musical talents what so ever.

  • Corrinne

    Uh… newsflash to some of these commenters, not everyone wants to be a singer and musical artist for the fame and money. Some do it because they truely love music and have a great talent. Miley Cyrus is a mediocre singer at best. She never would have been anything if it had been left up to her “talent” alone.

  • Gabriel Benton

    Despite her turning it down, Jojo would’ve still been popular as Hannah Montana just think she would’ve had twice the sales in all the soundtracks for the the show, and she would’ve been more popular than Miley Cyrus because she sings better, she’s prettier, and she way more of a better actor.

    • Descriptive Grace

      Free Jojo!!!! She hasn’t been able to release a new song since 2006 because her bankrupt label is holding her hostage to a contract she signed when she was 12. (That’s what I read in a youtube comment here anyway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYPQOuDLU6s )