General Hospital Alumni : Jonathan Jackson In TERMINATOR : The Sarah Connor Chronicles

jonathan-jackson Jonathan Jackson, the original Lucky, the smarter, more street-wise with a backbone version of Lucky Spencer. Sorry Greg Vaughn I heart you to pieces but your Lucky version is one of the stupidest Cop or Man I’ve ever seen on TV. It’s not your fault though. It has nothing to do with your acting abilities. You’re great IMO. It’s mostly the writer’s and TPTB’s faults. Anyhooo, Jonathan is going to be a guest star on the new sci-fi Fox hit Terminator : The Sarah Chronicles on Monday, February 18th, 9pm est. Try not to miss it. I miss Jonathan Jackson. He’s a very talented guy. When he left GH, he never really looked back eh? He did his own thing and pursued what he could in Hollywood and Primetime TV. I loved him as Jesse Tuck in Everlasting Tuck with a then newcomer Alexis Bledil of Gilmore Girls. After a few movies, I haven’t really heard much about him in the past few years so I’m glad he’s working again. Alrighty, Don’t miss it ya’ll :)

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