• Wed, Feb 13 2008

Miley Cyrus – Setting A Bad Example to Kids!

Miley Cyrus PeaceOops! It seems that Miley Cyrus has been slammed by a consumer watchdog magazine for not wearing a seatbelt during a scene in her Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour film!

The scene in question Miley and her dad in the back of a Range Rover, with neither of them wearing their seat belts.

Consumer Reports says this sets a bad example to Miley’s young fans as a result of their lack of car safety.

In a blog item on the Consumer Reports‘ Web site, the group says: “It seems to us that Miley, her father, and Disney had a perfect opportunity to help influence teens and counteract-rather than encourage-this trend.

“Then again, as Hannah (Miley) herself sings, ‘Everybody makes mistakes.’”

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  • Ang

    oh come on this is just getting ridiculous i mean come on how many people who sit in the back seat wear seat belts??? ive never seen anyone wear seat belts in the back! front seat different issue! im sorry but people are making too big a thing out of every little thing miley does back off a little shes only 15 her life doesnt need to be under a microscope all the time look wat it did to britney… its the paps and journalists fault she turned like that dont push miley into that situation too!

  • http://juniorr krisstaa

    wow you guys are cool! nawttttt. gheeze mileys not doing anything wrong. im like her best friend. i shoukd know shes a normal girll who likes cowss. just kidding mileyy ,you know i love ya. anyway yeah we party. kbye miley wants nick jonas say whaaa?! alright joe told me to put that. he thinks hes cool. but he isnt!

  • MiLeYbIgGeSt

    OMG I can’t belive they’re making a big deal i mean they were in the back and i mean nobody wears there seat belt in the back and it was probaley backstage and or something and its not like it was for long it was probaly for like 5 mins gezzzzzzz anyway i LOVE u miley i am your biggest fan!!!<<<333 MWAHHHHHHHHHm<<<333

  • selenafan

    not a big deal!

  • Kim

    i didnt even notice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but its safe to out on ur seatbealt

  • babylove95

    Who cares,back off

  • Melena

    that is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard

  • Winter Brat

    I think this is really stupid. I mean just come on. Just because she’s not messed like the other stars out there the media has to make like if she does one thing wrong she is a horrible person.

  • Winter Brat

    I think this is really stupid. I mean just come on. Just because she’s not messed like the other stars out there the media has to make like if she does one thing wrong she is a horrible person. that’s just really messed up!

  • lolla

    they were probly just in the car for ten minutes while shooting anyways nobody even noticed untill that stupid magazine slamed her shes 15 in the back seat who cares

  • http://www.myspace.com/xoxresaxox Resa

    I know in the state of Michigan if you are over the age of 16 and in the back seat you legally don’t need to wear a seatbelt. She’s one year short, big friggen deal…
    Thats one of those laws a lot of people break, but when Miley Cyrus does it once its a huge deal, and suddenly she is a horrible role model.
    I have little cousins who look up to her, I would rather her not wear a seatbelt then be caught drinking, doing drugs, or participating in promiscuous behavior.

  • http://www.roadrunner.com Lauren

    It’s not a big deal people. GOSH LEAVE MILEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.juniorcelebs.com Ciji’sKrystal ball

    omg. my freaking gosh. call the media…….. oh wait… their so gay those idiots!!!!!!!!its seatbelt!for the love a god

  • whatever

    that is so pointless…everybody makes mistake…ahh!! this is so getting old..and yet people are bringing it up…and why?? just SHUT UP!!

  • http://whatevs whatevs

    I mean… come on. You have put miley through too much. Can’t you guys ever give her a break?

  • eizza

    all these comment are true…
    a message 4 the media:
    she’s not setting a bad example 4 the kids…it proves in her show hannah montana…
    miley’s awesome…

  • http://barbie.com emma

    omg no not the towers that someone that can cling to it after a teenager and they are already so well
    e that only the