Spice Girls are dropping their world tour

spicegirlsalbum.pngWell, crap! The Spice Girls have cancelled their world tour!

The Spice Girls have dropped Australia, China, South Africa and Argentina from their world tour, which reportedly has been drawing a disappointing turnout at some concerts.

The group, which reunited in a blaze of publicity last June, said on Friday that the tour will now end in Toronto on Feb. 26.

“Sadly the tour needs to come to an end by the end of February due to family and personal commitments for Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria,” the group said in a statement.

The Spice Girls’ tour kicked off in Vancouver, Canada, on Dec. 2, and has also included stops in Britain, the United States, Spain and Germany.

The concerts being canceled were to be held in the cities of Sydney, Beijing, Cape Town and Buenos Aires, the statement said.


I hope people can get their money back; I think tickets were upwards of $100 or so for good seats. That’s just messed up with all the hype they did for this tour!

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