Hilary Duff in Forbes Top-Earning Women in Music List

Hilary Duff has made it onto the new Forbes list of the top-earning women in music for 2007. Hilary is also the youngest woman on this list!

The Top 20 Are:

  1. Madonna $72 million
  2. Barbara Streisand $60 million
  3. Celine Dion $45 million
  4. Shakira $38 million
  5. Beyonce $27 million
  6. Gwen Stefani $26 million
  7. Christina Aguilera $20 million
  8. Faith Hill $19 million
  9. Dixie Chicks $18 million
  10. Mariah Carey $13 million
  11. Hilary Duff $12 million
  12. Avril Lavigne $12 million
  13. Martina McBride $12 million
  14. Britney Spears $8 million
  15. Carrie Underwood $7 million
  16. Nelly Furtado $7 million
  17. Fergie $6 million
  18. Jennifer Lopez $6 million
  19. Sheryl Crow $6 million
  20. Norah Jones $5.5 million

The list looked at concert earnings as well as merchandising, album sales, and other related businesses like clothing and fragrance.

Thanks to cassie for the tip

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    • maila

      yeah see thats what I thought too, she didn’t make $12mill just on music, so even though shes on the list she didnt make that much from her music, I wonder how much she did make just from her tour tickets and album sales?!

    • elizabeth

      wow. same as last year, eh? 12 million

      cant believe that tho….she always like aspired to be britney spears (well she just liked her a lot) and now she makes more than her!

    • Ashley

      im so proud for hil but she should have been on number 1

    • http://nsw cassie

      yay..your welcome arieanna. hilary beat many big stars like jennifer lopez, fergie, britney spears, and nelly furtado. congrats and congrats for being the youngest on the list hilary

    • P

      dang.. can u beleive she makes a million dollars a month..thats ridiculous..id say that not even 1 million of that is off “dignity” but from guest hosting, her perfumes, clothing line, and from the billions of magazine covers she’s on yearly..thats easy money fr her