Music Blog Spotlight: Our Digital Music

MP3I’ve got to admit, I’m not really up to speed when it comes to digital music. I still have some vinyl records, and while I was quick to pick up CDs, MP3s still seem a bit abstract to me. My husband bought me an MP3 player for Christmas, hoping I’d love it because it’s pink, but it’s still sitting in a box on my dresser.

However, I understand that this is the technological age and like everything, music’s becoming a digital medium. If you’re not a technophobe like me, you’ll want to get into Bruce’s cool blog, Our Digital Music. Unlike yours truly, he knows his iPods from his iPhones and his Zens from his Zunes.

There are plenty of handy tips here that will help all tech-savvy music lovers. It almost inspires me to take that MP3 player out of the box.

Image source: Camilla Schnaibel @ Stock.xchng

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