• Sun, Jan 27 2008

Celebrity Rehab: Treatment Gets Intense


morning-group-ep3.jpgIn the second and third weeks of Celebrity Rehab, the celebs had to face the harsh realities of what rehab is. They experienced serious withdrawal symptoms, each according to whatever substances they were trying to quit. It was at times pretty hard to watch. Here are some video highlights from the episode:

Jeff Conaway finally made it out of the hospital and came back to rehab, only to continue to suffer from the shakes, pain, thoughts of suicide & convulsions. Dr. Drew said that it’s not that uncommon for someone as addicted as he is to die as a result of withdrawal.

In therapy, the celebs had to face down the reasons they turned to drugs and alcohol in the first place. Jessica Sierra was trying to explain how her mother, who was a prostitute & drug addict died of an overdose. The therapy session turned to the topic of parents.

Brigitte Neilsen acted as the surrogate mother to the others because she is a mother and a drug addict. Jessica had a hard time hearing what was said, but needed to hear it.

At the same time, Mary Carey told the group that her mother was a schizophrenic and was bipolar. Mary never was told that her mother cared about her because she was unable to.
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Seth Binzer dealt with how hard it is to be a rock star and arty to avoid drugs. Daniel Baldwin continually acted as the friend and mentor to most of the younger celebs. It’s a very interesting dynamic.

We finally have gotten to see the eighth member join rehab. Ricco Rodriguez came into the group with arrogance and an attitude that he really didn’t need the therapy, but just wanted to go through the motions to get his son back.

There have been some serious conflicts between the members of rehab and Dr. Drew had to step in and calm things down several times. It’s an emotional road they have to travel to get through the program and one that I hope shows anyone who has ever wondered what it’s like to quit drugs what is really involved. It isn’t pretty. I wish a show like this could be watched by people before they start using. If it were to help only one to avoid drugs, it would be more than worth it.

What do you think of the show so far? Do you think they’ll all make it through the program ok? Leave a comment to share your thoughts!

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  • http://myspace.com/hottrockenn kristen

    what happened to jeff? i watched the episode this past thursday and didn’t see him. did he finally leave? please clue me in.

  • http://myspace.com/hottrockenn kristen

    what happened to jeff? i didnt see him on this past thursday’s episode. did he finally leave????