Download Tyra Banks’ Virtual Studio

tyra's virtual studio

Hang out with Tyra Banks and her staff in Tyra’s Virtual Studio!  It is a free virtual world where you can get insider scoops, listen to music or just chat with your friends!  Create your own avatar and hang out on the set of the Tyra show!  There’s also a "Tyra After Party" every Tuesday at 4pm PST!  Click here to learn more!

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    • arieanna

      I love the graphics!!

    • francisco derrera

      my best friend Jennifer Barret is your bigest fan I think an I luv her she lives in denver co. she is my class at henry middle school in room 114. maybe u can get her on ur show. if u do that wiil be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gaby

      My friend has Tyra Bank studio and she says its the best so i wanted to try t2

    • Nia

      This site basicly turns kids stupider than they already are I checked it out and turns out the guiders arent all that good there just broke down achivers lookin 4 a fast buck

    • Esmeralda

      Como te le clica culo!

    • al

      just love the show

    • Meca

      Tyra I LOVE YOU and YOUR SHOW! You are my role model! This studio creation is AWESOME!! I can’t wait to actually get an opportunity to come to your actual show! Trust..You’ll know I came!

    • seth

      i cant get the download were is it?

    • Inês

      Hi Tyra!!!!!!!!!
      I like very much your virtual studio!!!!
      i have not a web site

    • Inês

      Hi Tyra!!!!!!!!!
      I like very much your virtual studio!!!!

    • rebacca

      where do you download this
      this website is fake

    • LorettaK

      I love this show. Tyra, you are so great and I love how you always ask what is going on inside of them to make them feel that way. And you ask probing questions like I do and would.

    • Jakkie

      Why is it so hard to find the download link 4 Tyra’s virtual studio?

    • Jakkie

      it use to be easy now you hid it WTH!

    • SAsha

      were do u download this at omg

    • Faith

      Where can I qet the download ?