Katherine Heigl Collection Unveils Summer Line

Katherine Heigl Collection of Scrubs

I’m pretty sure some people rolled their eyes a bit at the announcement that Katherine Heigl was starting up her very own line of scrubs. But it seems to be doing well, so I’m sure there’s even more people who thought, “Hey that’s an awesome idea!”

Despite the fact that a lot of us are still freezing our little bums in Winter time, The Katherine Heigl Collection is in full summer bloom.

Katherine Heigl Collection of Scrubs


“This summer is about color, color, color,” says Lilly Berelovich, president and chief creative officer for Fashion Snoops, a fashion forecasting and trend information service. “Bold patterns, playful florals, and expressive prints play out in bright colors and black and white prints. But for the healthcare industry, fit and comfort are a priority. It is the collaboration of the two that makes the Katherine Heigl Collection such a huge success.”

It seems like several stores have already placed orders and some styles have even sold out!

If you’re interested in grabbing yourself some Katherine Heigl scrubs, visit http://www.katherineheiglcollection.com/ and check out the different styles, ranging from London to Los Angeles. Items in the collection will set you back between $20-35, which is pretty affordable in this day and age.

And if you prefer a more “hands on” approach to shopping, the summer collection will be available in medical uniform retail stores and outlets come February 8th.


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