American Idol Season 7 Audition – Michelle and Jeffery Lampkin

Michelle and Jeffery LampkinMichelle and Jeffery Lampkin were an energetic pair of siblings and were, actually, pretty entertaining.  They sang "I Am Your Angel" and the judges were impressed for the most part.  Simon liked Jeffery more than Michelle (just like he did with Sanjaya and Shyamali Malakar!!!).  Randy said they were all in tune (uh, no they weren’t but they were good). 

In the end, Randy said "no" to Michelle but Paula and Simon said "yes" to both.  They are through but Simon told Jeffery that he has 3 months to get his sister in shape for the competition…

Watch the audition:

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    • A’kyra

      Ok, I totally didn’t expect them to be able to sing at all to tell the truth. They just came out so over the top that I braced myself to hear something horrid BUT they surprised me and the judges really. I think they may have been a little nervous but they did well. I’m sure if they make it through the first part of Hollywood, their voices will develop enough. Hey I rather hear them any day than, well, Sanjaya…lol….sorry guys.

    • Reggie

      It goes to show you that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Some folk thought because Jeffery and his sister were so “full of fun” they couldn’t sing…that’s what they thought! Jefferey was nothing shy of his usual self during auditions. Since I am a citizen of Newberry, I take this opportunity to say CONGRATULATIONS to Jeffery and Michelle. Way to go!!!

    • Aja

      I am also from Newberry and I would like to take the opportunity to say CONGRATULATIONS to both of them. I think they did a wonderful job and put their all into it. I wish them the best of luck. If God willing, they will blow them away in Hollywood as well and go on from there! Again, congratulations! :-)

    • theresa

      i just LOVE THEM BOTH,,,,

    • R

      He made it passed Hollywood Week but where is he now?

    • R

      WHere is Jeffrey?

    • A’kyra

      yeah…he got cut.

    • b-ball girl


    • m crawford

      if you were to hear michelle in person, it would be like hearing an angel sing from heaven! she truly has a gift and it will take her far!