American Idol Season 7 Audition – Aaron Garrett

Aaron Garrett

Aaron Garrett repeatedly sang the words "Leave Me Alone" and I don’t even know what it was!  I actually felt a bit sorry for him but he just would not stop singing.  They would get him to stop but then he’d just start all over again!

Obviously, he got a "no" from all three judges.

Watch Aaron’s audition:

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    • Ameli

      I actually liked this guy. He has talked to me on yuotube, but I think that might be a fake.. he told me that they actually edited it and just played it over.. he didn’t really sing over and over again after the judges said stop.. they edited it.. watch closely.. Thats a put down for american idol!

    • Kylie

      i agree! and i watched it, and i kind of saw it.. but, it probably was a fake.. :D