Who Will Be Harlow Madden’s Godmother?

nicole richie joel madden baby name harlowNicole Richie and Joel Madden are having a hard time deciding who should be Harlow Madden’s godmother. Nicole is voting for pal Paris Hilton, but Joel thinks that his soon-to-be sister-in-law Sophie Monk is the more responsible choice!

Being a godmother can be quite the responsibility if whoever is chosen takes it seriously and a source of the America’s Globe says that “Joel doesn’t think Paris is up to the task… He’s lobbying for Sophie.”

Well, considering that Nicole herself has two godfathers–Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones–making both Paris and Sophie godmothers might be a solution if they really can’t agree.

Source: The Hilton Files

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    • Myrtle

      I’m for Sophie.
      Not that I have anything against Paris, I just don’t think she has quite the responsibility necessary to be a Godmother. I definitely think Sophie would be an excellent choice.

    • Me

      I don’t think either Sophie or Paris is to prefer. What if Sophie and Benji break up? (I read their relationship is shaking). Then it would not be so cool for the baby to have Sophie as a godmother. I think Joel’s sister or Nicole’s sister would be a perfect choice!!

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    • Tori

      I totally agree with the user “Me.” The godmother should definitely be a relative, such as a sister. And of course, Benji could be the godfather (haha, just reminded me of the movie.)

    • bella

      godmother? …definitely paris or nicky hilton. they are like sisters to nicole and have been together since they were 2 years old. they have been there for nicole through all her dark days in the past. that is a more permanent relationship than a possible future sister-in-law. sophie and benjy aren’t married yet and their relationship is reportedly on-again-off-again. what happens if they break up?

      joel just hates paris. he also wants to isolate nicole to himself. remember how controlling joel is? and his infamous temper? in all the baby issue, we’ve forgotten Joel’s true colors. Also, he’s trying to remake nicole’s image by dissing paris-make nicole look good by playing to the false media image of paris. if he and nicole dis paris as godmother, then it lends credibility to the media speculation that paris really is as bad as they make her out to be, which of course she is not. pretty sleezy PR move on Joel’s part.

      truth is, paris is far more responsible than nicole and more responsible than people give her credit for thanks to the tabloids. Nicole is the addict, not paris. paris works very hard and has been supporting herself for years, meanwhile nicole has never accomplished anything but-for the Simple Life and things that came her way as a result. and who gave her that gig? Paris! the paris who has always been a true friend to nicole even when nicole was being a pill and got a little big for her britches after simple life 2

      oh and no way the baby in the picture is harlow. i mean hello? that baby is pure caucasian, so it could not be harlow.

    • sheryl

      none of these people, including nichole & joel, are mature or responsible enough to be a godparent to a plant, much less the parent of an actual baby

    • Jessica

      Bella, stop trying to make Joel sound like an asshole, just because you read in a tabloid that he yelled at Nicole doesn’t make him controlling. Stop making him out to be an asshole just because you don’t like him.

      And Sheryl, if you don’t like Nicole why the hell are you on a Nicole fansite? You don’t know Joel or Nicole so you have no place to say whether or not they are responsible enough to take care of a baby.

      I’m so sick of people being stupid. Grow up.