Is Sherri Shepherd really this stupid?

sherri-shepherd.pngFor reals, yall. Is it THAT DAMN HARD to find a woman in her 30′s who’s well-spoken, intelligent, and can actually talk like she hasn’t had multiple frontal lobotomies? Is someone double-dog-daring Sherri Shepherd to say all this incredibly moronic stuff in front of millions of people every day? I mean, seriously…how much is this cheeseball getting paid. I’ll do the job for 1/3 the money and believe me, I won’t be going around saying dumbass things like this newest bon mot:

Here’s what resident “The View” genius, Sherri Shepherd, said yesterday on the show, “There is a picture of me with Shirley Caesar, who is like the black Patti Labelle. Whoopi had to remind Sherri that Patti LaBelle is black.
Barbara Walters chimed in with, “It’s a good thing you’re not running for office. Because you’d be considered bigoted right now.”

No, Barbara Walters! Silly rabbit! She’s not bigoted, she’s just dumber than a can of paint!

Here’s a couple of Miss Sherri “FWEEE!” Shepherd’s past misdeeds. First, the infamous Flat Earth debacle:

And who could forget this heartwarming moment when Sherri decided to tweak with history a little bit. JUST a wee widdle bit.


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    • Tirana69

      Oh God! Is she really that stupid? Amazing! “Jesus came before the Romans?”.
      Does Sherri knows History, does she knows where Christianism comes from ? Does she know what the Romans did to christians?…Does she know that Jesus was jewish? I mean…God!
      I wish I could talk to her in person.

    • http://none Rudy

      The other day I heard Sherri (regarding the American girl murder trail in Italy) refer to the black Italian suspect as “African American.” So stupid.

    • Regina

      She mispronounced “bio pic” on Thursday’s show with Anne Hathaway. At the end of the interview segment, after Joy mistook Jake Gyllenhall for someone else, Sherri said twice, “He’s doing a biopic” – and she pronounced it as “bye AHAP ik”. What an idiot. Later on Twitter, she claimed her “people” didn’t put a hyphen in her notes. Call me nutty, but I didn’t see any notes, and besides, if she said it once and realized her mistake, why did she say it twice? Someone, please remove this woman from television.

    • Johanna

      Yep she really is that stupid and yes MVP is even stupidier! Go figure. Anyone that would come out on nationwide TV at the BET awards and politely dig her nasty underwear out of her nasty behind is not more than trifling. I would try and take up for her when I heard some of the comments about her before getting into details about her common stupidity. But after careful consideration he is a complete moron with a captial MORON. She might have been studying from the book or MORONS instead of the book of MORMONS… pun intended for any atheists out there.

      To think that Sherri has a brain and doesn’t know what to do with it is absolutely scary not to mention frightening that MVP actually thinks that this woman is the right date for him. I mean think about it…..a 40 something plus woman thinking a prom is an actual date…..that is like a child 2 years old sassying out their parents make them grown. Would have got you slapped in the mouth and look for your teeth later and I am 40 years old go figure that equation out. Anyone that keeps blaming her stupidity on stage freight and she didn’t understand the question and showing up to different functions she is not wanting and well received and to top it all off…talking about her bikini wax on TV OMG WTF was she thinking??? See, that is the problem she doesn’t think, if she would try using her head for more than just a head piece she might actually be intelligent. You can claim to go to college all day long, but unless you use your talents that God has given you, you might just might get some of the slack cut off from you. But as long as you keep acting and playing stupid, then guess what Sherri, you will be altered as being stupid…..whose laughing now??????

    • Will

      Sherri is a complete idiot!

    • Jessica

      I hate how she interrupts everyone at the View. It is hard to follow because I am subconsciously wondering when she will open her mouth. Where are her manners?

    • Alex

      Yes, she is an idiot. I had to stop watching because she always has to speak about every subject, she always finds a way to make it about her and 95% of what she has to say she needs to keep in her own head. I cringe when she’s about to open her mouth because something stupid generally follows. Also she is horrible at asking questions. Makes me think the bosses are idiots for hiring her and giving her the asking question responsibility, unless no one else wanted to do it.