Britney Car Shopping in a Wedding Dress

Britney Spears and Adnan doing some car shopping at a local Mercedes dealership. It is not clear who the car is for (Adnan?) but what is clear is that Britney is wearing the wedding dress in which she married Kevin. She is seriously setting the path to losing everything on Monday. All we need now is a wedding before that…

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    • tamika greene

      she is totally going bannanas. maybe she had a secret wedding. but blame it on kevin for intrducing pot to the lady.

    • Leora

      That’s awesome! I haven’t worn mine since my wedding day. kudos to you Brit Brit for wearing it again. hehe

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    • Carri

      Everybody is sick of hearing about Brittney! The only reason she is doing the things she does is to stay in the public eye. Get a clue people, you are helping her stay “Famous” even if it is negative publicity it is publicity! Give it a rest, we have more important things going on, llike all of our kids that are dying in the war!! DUH

    • Questimono

      Her wedding dress still fit!!!???!?!

    • the louu(:

      well i think that its not her fault.honestly, i blame it on kevin. Again, your keeping her famous, whether its good or bad news.

    • Whocares

      You really think that she’s doing this for publicity? what kind of mother looses her children because of publicity, she’s bipolar and going crazy! lol if she wants to make a fool of herself freaking let her, she’s the one that has to live with it…we just watch…