Nicholas Flamel was a real person

First, a little about the Nicholas Flamel from the world of Harry Potter:

Nicolas Flamel (c. 1325[2]–1992 or soon after) is a fictional character in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, who is based on the real French alchemist, Nicolas Flamel. He is something of a MacGuffin; though he is the clue to the whole mystery of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, he never actually makes an appearance. According to the Harry Potter books, Flamel is the only person known to create the philosopher’s stone and, thus, he and his wife, Perenelle, have lived on for centuries. Flamel worked with Albus Dumbledore as his partner in alchemy, though, considering the stone had already been invented, it is not clear what the pair worked on together. Flamel’s stone became the target of Lord Voldemort during his possession of Professor Quirrell, so Dumbledore consequently moved it from Gringotts Wizarding Bank to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in order to keep it safe. However, Quirrell worked out how to get past the numerous obstacles to the prize, but Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger figured out someone was after it, though they believed it to be Severus Snape, their Potions professor. The Philosopher’s Stone was destroyed at the end of the book. Dumbledore mentioned that Flamel had enough Elixir of Life left to set his affairs in order, but noted that he would die. Nicolas Flamel has not been heard from since in the series, and author J. K. Rowling has stated on her website that Flamel is now deceased.


Next, more about the REAL Nicholas Flamel!

I always find it interesting when you can find bits and pieces of an imaginary character in real life, don’t you?

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    • Aoife

      i was watching “A year in the life of J.K Rowling” (amazing by the way) and she was in a chapel looking through a book she signed everytime she visited when she was young and she came across a name that she used as an evil character in the book. it has Intrigued me! tell us =p

    • Mishka

      I saw a show about this on the History Channel last night – here is a link to find out about it:

    • Wendy

      sweet – thanks Mishka and Aoife!

    • dannl

      It’s so fun to revisit the older Potter books/films .
      For years to come we will have lots to look at and talk about . I think the books/films are a work of art and are just timeless .

    • Gwen

      I’m re-reading the series trying to piece everything together and I started wondering what Dumbledore and Flamel could be “partners” on? The stone was obviously created hundred of years before Dumbledore was born… the only thing I could think of was Dumbledore’s self-proclaimed lust for power – he wanted to own the Hallow’s, but couldn’t, so turned instead to making his own “stone”. Thoughts??

    • Joshinwills

      Did anyone notice the name Nicolas Flamel not only appears in Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone but also in an another bestseller named The Da Vinci Code…???

    • Patricius

      Nice, thanks a lot for the information^,..,^

    • moosemikey

      the book about him is said to have the book of abreham the jew who was said to have found the sertet to etrelea life.

    • Reilly

      On page 352 in The Da Vinci Code along with a list of other historical people and their year of birth-death, he’s listed.

    • jaka

      i just love harry potter films and books
      thanks 2 jk rowling and yes daniel radcliffe