Hilary Duff attending divorce hearing

Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff and Susan Duff are above photographed leaving the Harris County Family Law Center today. The family appeared in court today for the divorce hearing between Susan Duff and Bob Duff.

Susan Duff asked the court that her husband pay her living expenses while the divorce is pending. Susan Duff has not worked since 1988 and has been supported for many years by Hilary and Haylie.

The judge ordered Bob Duff to pay $100,000 in temporary support over five months, beginning in January, in addition to a previously ordered $100,000 for expenses and legal fees (as yet unpaid). A hearing is set for January to examine the prenuptial contract between Bob and Susan Duff.

Stansbury, a retired family court judge from Fort Bend County appointed to hear the case, also ordered Bob Duff to pay $150,000 of his wife’s legal fees by Feb. 1, although he later suspended the order until a hearing set for next month to examine a prenuptial contract between Bob and Susan Duff.

An accountant said that the legal fees for this divorce, which was filed in the summer of 2006, are near $1 million.

Bob Duff, a godson of the late Houston philanthropist Audrey Jones Beck who owns a chain of convenience stores, among other business ventures, wasn’t in court Thursday. After a hearing earlier this month, he acknowledged that the divorce has driven a wedge between him and his daughters.

"When this is over, I’m going to try to tell them my side of it," he said.

Hilary and Haylie are involved as ‘intervenors’ in the case regarding a trust of family land set up for them as children. The sisters are seeking information about a $720,000 loan their father made against this trust. Court documents on the case have been sealed.

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      How can you say that this is all Susan’s fault? Both of their parents taught them to live their dream and Hilary and Haylie are doing just that. Bob was the one who cheated. If he felt lonely he should have gone to his family, no matter how busy they were, and find time to spend with them, not just indulge himself in some homewrecking whore.

    • http://2.01 brittany

      i fell so bad for hilary i can’t belive that there dad did that to them i don’t blame hilary and haylie for being mad at him

    • http://www.ItJustHilary.piczo.com Brittany

      it so sad how hilarys dad did that

    • Cristina

      wow this is a bad thing

      I hope that hilary can be fine after this
      love u hilary

    • Cristina

      Oh !
      Merry Chritmas!

    • Mah

      I think this divorce happened because of Bob and Susan, and not just because what Bob did. They both have a bit of the guilt.. though what Bob did was worse than anything. Bob and Susan haven’t been living together for too much time, and maybe that was the starter line for everything that happened. I know they didn’t live together because of Haylie and Hilary’s dream, but it’s not their guilt either, their parents always said for them to pursue their dreams, and Bob and Susan had this thing where they knew what was better for their kids. But if he noticed that things changed, that he didn’t loved Susan anymore, that he needed someone else, he could of talked to her, and set things up, with a divorce, but not with this fight and money involved, with his cheating on Susan and all this stuff. I think it doesn’t hurt them anymore, just make them tired of this whole process… but if that’s what Bob wants. He’ll lose a lot of money with it, but in the end he’ll be free to get a lot of womans (if that’s the point of the divorce)! I just hope Hilary, Haylie and Susan get through this with a great posture, because they rock!!! ;)

    • Jimmy

      You guys all jumped at jj…Susan admitted to cheating too. Keep in mind Bob was all alone in Texas while Hilary and Haylie worked on their careers.

      Kids usually side with their moms, it does not mean their father is all that bad. What I am noticing here is a lot of people assuming the male is the bad guy here. You don’t know everything that went on. But one thing was verified both parents cheated. So come on.

    • http://www.friannebyahoo.com Hilarydufffan_18

      I feel so bad for Hilary and Haylie… I hope they’ll get through with this in a good way soon…,(totally agree with Vanessa)

    • http://www.bebo.com/HDx4life lara_#1hilaryfan4life

      I know it is hard to tell as we can’t actually see her face, but Hilary really looks upset… I went through exactly the same when I was 7, and I found it insanely hard… there are a lot of us who think that we know how they feel, but we can’t even begin to understand the extent of how much harder it must be for them, being in the public eye… all my love, support and best wishes to Hilary, always and forever…. x-x-x-x-x-x-x

    • jeanne

      i hav neva been in dat kinda situation, but it looks so difficult… U R IN MY PRAYERS hIL, HAYLIE AND MRS. DUFF!!!!

    • http://www.duffgirlchazxox.piczo.com hils_angelxx

      aww poor hilary she must find it so hard 2 cope with

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